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Is worrying about anti-aging early harmful?

Hi so I love taking care of my skin because I want to look fabulous when im a granny.

I am only 23 but I am interested in mantaining my skin with liquid collagen ( like the algenist one) and perhaps some minimum strength retinol. I already use hyaloronic acid serum and vitamin c serum . Will the retinol be something harmful to use from an early age. Would it descrease its effect later on in my skins life? 

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Re: Is worrying about anti-aging early harmful?

@Beautyfama At your age, just wear sunscreen and make sure you exfoliate and moisturize! You don’t need anything like a retinol yet, unless you have damage from sun or acne scaring. Josie Maran’s like is perfect for your age, I started using it around 23 as well and it’s still a integral part of my routine. 

Re: Is worrying about anti-aging early harmful?

Never too early Smiley Happy

My best recommendation is for you to start using sunscreen diligently regardless of weather. I use a minimum spf 30 or 50 under my makeup. Hydration is also key

No, it's great that you're paying attention to skincare s...

No, it's great that you're paying attention to skincare so soon! A lot of people wait and then end up trying to catch up or undo damage... you'll be able to mostly focus on preventive maintenance. 2 main things to watch are: 1) skin tends to become more dry over time, so some anti-aging formulas can cause breakouts or congestion in people with oily/combo skin... and 2) ingredients like retinol and AHAs/various acids make you more photosensitive, so it's extra important to wear a sunscreen every day. So be prepared to test a few products to see what works for you, and try to have some fun with the whole process!
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