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Is my eye cream expired?

I purchased the Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate during the VIB -15% sale in April; however, I haven't started using it yet (I already had another one in rotation). 


While I have not used the eye cream yet (or touched it), I remember the Cast Member helping me opened it to see if it was sealed (I specifically asked if it would be okay if I didn't start using it for another 6-8 months so she checked). There was a little lid below the main lid but it wasn't actually sealed. 


I didn't think much of it at the time as she told me it wouldn't be a problem if I stored it in a dry, dark place until I was ready to use it. In the meantime, I haven't opened it again, and have it organized in my closet; however, I am now wondering if her opening it once was enough for it to oxidize or go bad in the last 6 months. For an $85 eye cream, I'm hoping it didn't expire untouched...


Was opening it once enough to affect it?  


Thanks for the advice! ♡♡





Re: Is my eye cream expired?

I would look at check cosmetics website (Google it) and type in the batch number to see when it was manufactured. It will give you a date saying it is good until ___. Or good for ___ months. Hope that helps!

Re: Is my eye cream expired?

If it's been unopened for the whole time since then, and stored in a cool place out of direct sun that isn't too humid (basically a box in any room with AC), than it's almost certainly fine. If you open it up and it smells and looks like it should, I would go ahead.


You can also check the packaging to see how lobg it's supposed to last once opened. There should be an open jar symbol with a number somewhere on the label. The number is how many months it will be good after opening. If the number is >6, you're definitely good. If it is 6 months, see the first paragraph; it's probably still good anyway unless it's noticeably different than expected.

Re: Is my eye cream expired?

Thanks for the response! I know it said 6M on the jar, which is why I started to worry, but because it's been in a cool closet, I think it should be fine. If I see a change in the product when I open it, I'll most likely exchange it (I should still have the receipt). Thanks again! 

Re: Is my eye cream expired?

I highly doubt that one occurrence has spoiled the product, especially if you've kept in proper conditions since.


Of course, if you are feeling so unsure of the integrity of the product, it would be advisable to just do an exchange (better to play it safe than sorry), but consider that as the product is being manufactured and packaged that it more than likely has spent some moments without a lid as it moved through the production process, so considering it has been "left open" for that time frame and then is sold, it should be fine.


If upon opening it now you find that any sort of mold or bacteria growth is present/visible, if the smell has changed and become rancid, or that the texture/consistency has made a drastic change, then don't proceed with use. 




Re: Is my eye cream expired?

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't thought about the manufacturing process. I'm currently on vacation in Europe but if when I get home and look at it I see any change, I'll do an exchange as you suggested. Thanks again! 

Re: Is my eye cream expired?

Oooh, any beauty finds in Europe?  I love their fashion also, they seem to be ahead of us fashion-wise. 

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