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I need a skincare routine


Hi! I used roaccoutane for 8 months. And my treatment just finished a month ago. My skin was oily before i started to treatment but now it’s dry. While I was in treatment, I was just using spf and moisturizer which my dermatologist gave to me. But now I need a skincare routine and my skin is really sensitive, dry. -It will going to turn oily again after like 6 months.

My pores are big rn and this just makes me uncomfortable.  I can see them by only looking to mirror. 

Can you give some advice to me? 

I would be very happy if you can suggest me some products -cleanser, retinol etc.


#skincare #advice 

Re: I need a skincare routine

Hi! I do not have oily skin but I have sensitive and dry skin so here’s my recommendation! 
Firstly, when you remove your make up or wash your face, I recommend you to use with cleansing oil because if you use cleansing foam, it makes your skin very dry. 
Plus, recommend to use scrub every other day or 2 times a week. 
Please use toner ! Toner helps your skin hydrating and is needed for the all next steps  .(For me, if I don’t use toner my skin stays dry even though I use face oil, moisturizer). 
After toner, use serum or face oil ( Tbh, you can skip this step but skincare routine is the toner-serum-lotion-moisturizer order). 
And then, apply lotion lightly and then apply moisturizer. 
Especially, moisturizer is extremely important for dry skin. I recommend tatcha dewy skin cream because it is tacky so it makes your skin stay hydrated. But, please don’t use watery texture moisturizer because the watery texture moisturizer is usually very light so when you apply it, it kinda evaporates afterwards so your skin would be dry again.

Lastly, I recommend the brand Dr.jart. It’s good for sensitive skin and dry skin. 
I am from South Korea and skincare is really popular in my country so feel free to ask me if you have any other questions, and wish that I didn’t make any confusion since English is not my mother tongue ! 

Re: I need a skincare routine

Ok real quick, I want to say that I'm 14, so I don't have too much experience, but I asked my parents and my friend's parents, I found some people that struggle with really dry skin and some people who struggle with oily skin. Some of them have also used drying acne treatments, so I figured I would share some products. Because it seems like your skin will be oily again in 6 months, I would suggest a cleanser for all skin types like the Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser. You could also try CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Right now I have oily skin and my skin seems to be okay with it! 😊 When it comes to moisturizers it's really on your preference. A friend's mother said that she used CeraVe Daily moisturizing lotion and then used The Inkey List Niacinamide Serum and The Ordinary Buffet Serum. 😁 But anyway, it's pretty much all up to you and what you'd like on your skin! 

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