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I need a new face mask

I am currently looking for a new face mask.... I have become quite lax with my facial care, and need to start back...

I have historically used DDF's Charcoal Mask, which I loved, except for the packaging (it was in a tub, and eventually dried out)... I am approaching 32 with a history of cystic acne (leaving pock marks, not brown scaring), and would like a purifying mask with possibly age 'rewinding', and pore minimizing.  I have heard a lot of Michael Todd products, but would LOVE imput from beauty guru's on BT ;-)

Re: I need a new face mask

I use Murad's Pomegranate mask and ADORE it.  I have a long history of cystic acne myself, and this makes your skin smooth after the first use.  It never irritates, either..even with an active breakout.  I get 4-5 uses in 1 packet, and it's on my shopping list for the VIB sale next week.  Yay!

Re: I need a new face mask

I really like glamglow & use it just once a week. 


Re: I need a new face mask

Thank You both... I have used Murad products in the past, and have had great experiences... with needed a new foundation, concealor, and now a mask, lookes like I need to head into a Sephora ;-)


Thank You!

Re: I need a new face mask

Try Ren Glycolactic mask...the best mask in my opinion! It gives similar result to stronger peels but more gentle and I believe it uses natural ingredients too. GIve it a try or ask for some won't be disappointed :-)

Here's part of the sephora description:


What else you need to know:
This mask is particularly recommended for congested and mature skin; it works well on post-acne scarring, blemishes, blackheads and sun-damaged skin. It is not suitable for sensitive skin types. This skincare essential does not contain T.E.A, D.E.A, glycols, silicones, or PEGs.



Re: I need a new face mask

For pore minimizing, you'll really want a clay mask. Those work wonders. I also find them very moisturizing and calming.

If you're looking for something for acne, sulfate masks should do the trick also. I think that Peter Thomas Roth has a really highly rated one.

Re: I need a new face mask

I love: Andalou Naturals Pumpkin mask and Mychelle Incredible Pumpkin peel.  Both are really good and not that expensive (vitacost sells them for a great price).  I recently triend Peter Thomas Roth gel peel and to be honest I liked Mychelle's way better! 


Re: I need a new face mask

I know Origins has a charcoal mask. I don't know if it's anything like DDF's but it really helps my skin (combo acne prone).  It shrinks my pores, clears them out and makes my skin super soft.  I don't know if it does anything for aging but I'm 34 & it makes my skin look great.  It's on the inexpensive side too so it might be worth trying.

Re: I need a new face mask

glamglow mask NOT the exfoliating one it is so amazing I know its expensive promise its worth it Smiley Happy

Re: I need a new face mask

I second the Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment mask.  Agreed, NOT the tingling exfoliating one, but the other one in the white jar.  I know, it's expensive.  Like really expensive.  But I'd honestly pay anything for the results it delivers.


I never thought I would find a miracle product, but I sure did when I discovered Glam Glow.  I swear, as soon as I rinse it off, my face is glowing and looks and feels so much smoother and clear.  It helps to unclog those stubborn pores and exfoliate off dead skin.  It can be used as an overall mask or spot treatment. 


Maybe before you shell out the big bucks you can stop by Sephora and pick up a sample to be sure you like it first?


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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