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I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

I have really sensitive skin thats a bit red and I have tiny breakouts all over my face and also blackheads... I really want to get rid of this! I have tried lush cleansers, biore, etc please give me advice! My skin gives me so much anxiety and I would really like to fix it! Thanks xxx

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam Have you seen a dermatologist who specializes in acne/eczema? Sure they are derms, but everyone has a different focus like cancer or laser. Are you bringing in a list of what you use, have tried, results, and asking every question possible?


Saw below you're using a pore strip, stop. They can cause broken capillaries, and don't get deep into the pore. Nose blackheads are usually sebaceous fillments, normal oil blockage that can only be temporarily removed. Blackheads are rough to the touch, not in a pattern, still oil blockage but with an oxized head.


Start keeping a list of ingredients and how your skin responds, patch test too.


What prescriptions have you tried? Wearing spf daily? Since your skin barrier is comprised, spf is especially needed.


I have sensitive skin, prescriptions I've used: Differin (not the new otc), Aczone, Finacea (for redness), metro gel (redness). Antibiotics, short term can help acne, if hormones BCP. Also derm tailored chemical peels.


 My derm said NOT to use salicylic acid, for my skin.


Clay mask, Origins Clear Improvements, I use where needed instead of all over.


Face oil: Acure seriously soothing


A good facial too. Check your diet, can be an intolerance.


Basic gentle products. Physical exfoliation won't help, your barrier needs tlc. How long do you use one product before giving up?


Ask for hormonal, vitamins like the B complex, iron blood tests (not usually routine) if something is low can be contributing to your skin.

RE: Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

No I haven’t, health care is stupid here in Canada. You don’t get to choose your derm,it’s a whole complicated mess. I’ve decided to stop using the pore strips and scrub... my mom just bought me eczema wash and moisturizer and also sheet masks for sensitive skin so maybe I’ll try that. I have already been allergy tested and I’m not allergic to anything... do you really think getting facials would help? Also how am I supposed to smooth my skin and get rid of clogged pores without strips and scrub? Thank you so much for your help!

Re: RE: Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

Ah Canada, I'm US but aware of your healthcare. I've confused derms too, even with choosing them lol


I've had facials, they do help to get ungunked, but may need a few regular sessions. Also you want one that isn't just fluff, the soothing part of a facial, extractions too. iirc mine also had dermabrasion. Remember to ask questions and/or get a consultion to see if appropriate. Then home maintenance is easier.


For exfoliation: I don't do a lot, maybe a couple times a month. The skin does have its own cycle. To declog, I've used Origins modern friction, becomes a bit creamy, so not harsh - physical exfoliation should have smooth particles - and the origins clay mask. I also have a Clarisonic type device (I've used the brand too), but with light usage definitely not 2xday nor every week.


I find hydration (humidifier too) helps to keep balanced. For the nose, my oil comes out easily. Using an oil product will help regulate, oil removes oil.


It's possible the redness/irritation is coming from scrubbing too often for the skin to handle.


Moisturizer I use Neutrogena oil free sensitive, white bottle. Spf I use is Cotz, Elta MD is similar, both for sensitive/sensitized skin. Some brands I've used: Simple, Dermalogica ultracalming line, H20+ the hydration booster and oasis treatment aka moisturizer. ELF hydration booster. Baby washes are fine for adult use, since of the gentleness.




Re: RE: Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam Have you been referred to a dermatologist by your family doctor yet? If not, I would do that first. 


I realize that we often don't get to choose our dermatologists in Canada, but it’s the first step. If that dermatologist feels you have specific needs, he can refer you to a different dermatologist or specialist. 


As for dealing with very sensitive skin, it’s important to use only the most gentle products possible. I have very sensitive skin that is acne and rosacea prone, and can become intensely dry and painful. So I’ve been down the road and definitely appreciate how frustrating it is. Avoid the temptation to use harsh scrubs, harsh salicylic acid products, and products with heavy fragrances. 


Have you ever used pimple patches? They are very gentle and have helped my skin so much. You can buy them on Amazon Canada (or at a pharmacy). These are the ones I’ve had great success with:


The box with 72 is cheaper 😊 Remember to clean your skin completely and NOT moisturize it before applying the patches. That’s how I get them to stick overnight. It’s so great to take them off in the morning and see the gross but awesome results! 😁


Hopefully this has helped a bit! 

Re: RE: Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

Totally agree pimple patches are the BEST!!! I like the COSRX and Dr Wonder ones a lot because, although I can't seem to do anything to stop getting acne in the first place, these make things clear up so much more quickly that I can actually have 7-10 days with my skin looking pretty good before something upsets it again and makes me break out. 

Re: RE: Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam Ooops, so sorry! I just saw in your later posts that you have been to a dermatologist and that the help has been, well, pretty lame. So sorry to hear that. 

RE: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

You definitely need to hydrate! I love Dr Jart products for my dry,sensitive skin - the Cicapair with Tiger Grass products are excellent for reducing redness. The Water Drop moisturizer might be agood bet for you, as it’s not too heavy. Doing a gentle double cleanse may work, too. Just be gentle and don’t strip your skin by using harsh products to try and fix things. Glam Glow charcoal masks really suck out impurities without over drying skin. I had your skin type and this really works for me. My skin is super clear now.

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam BHA is a good choice for blackheads, but I'm hesitant to rec since you sd you have really sensitive skin.  Have you tried OTC Differin?  For a gentle cleanser, I rec First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser 5 oz/ 150 mL.  Have you seen a derm?

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

I have been to multiple dermatologists and they always say different things from eczema to acne and they tell me to use cetaphil.

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam That must be really frustrating!  I found reading "The Beauty Bible" by Paula Begoun to be helpful in understanding skincare.  It's been years since it was last published, but the info is sound.  Plus, I love beautypedia reviews; I've found them to be accurate and informative.

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

It sounds like you have dehydrated and irritated skin, so a gentle and hydrating routine will help to keep your skin moisturized and reduce breakouts (dehydrated skin leads to increased oil production and breakouts). What is your current skincare routine?

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

I remove makeup with clinique cleansing balm, use either garnier micellar gel wash or neutragena gentle oil free creamy wash, exfoilate once or twice a week with biore pore unclogging scrub and maybe one biore pore strip a week, I also use cetaphil moisterizer with spf and a serum from winners that is supposed to make your skin glowy. I used to use a super cheap facemask from walmart to clear my skin but it just irritated... I have also tried rosehip oil which irritated. None of that seems to do anything for my skin (I also have tried lush and that didn't  work either haha)

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

Would it be possible to not use the Biore pore unclogging scrub for a while? It contains 2% salicylic acid and fragrance and menthol. Salicylic acid is a BHA and is great for helping clean out pores but can be drying. Fragrance and menthol are common irritants, so if you know that your skin doesn't react well with products containing those ingredients, that could be a possible root of the problem. If your pores still get clogged, then you can try adding a product with AHA (e.g. lactic acid, glycolic acid) and/or BHA. 

Gentle wipes with AHA and hyaluronic acid: FIRST AID BEAUTY - Facial Radiance Pads

Another person has recommended a good gentle cleanser!


You can also try adding a humectant (e.g. hyaluronic acid) into your routine to help pull moisture into your skin. 

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam Clinique Cleansing Balm for 5/5 stars on beautypedia, but check out the last line of the review:

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is a modern-day version of a classic cleansing cream. It contains emollients and plant oil to dissolve makeup, and is capable of removing stubborn or waterproof formulas. This is best for dry to very dry skin or sensitive skin not prone to breakouts.

IDK which Neutrogena cream wash you are using, but it  looks like several of them are problematic.  I also don't know which Cetaphil with SPF moisturizer you are using, but again several of them are problematic.  I rec CeraVe PM; it's popular on BIC and rec'd by many good derms.


Scrubs can be very irritating to the skin.  Here's the review for the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (1/5 stars): 

Pore Unclogging Scrub is a cleanser, not a scrub, and its wax content impedes rinsing. More of an issue than the name and wax is the menthol, which makes this product too irritating for all skin types. Although this is medicated with 2% salicylic acid (BHA, an anti-acne superstar ingredient) the product is rinsed from skin before it can work as intended.

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam For some reason I can't type anymore after that spoiler.  Here's the review for Garnier Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser Combination Oily Skin, Even Sensitive:



Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser is a light-lather cleanser that works well for its designated combination to oily, sensitive skin types. In fact, even someone with dry skin could use this ultra-gentle, makeup-removing formula.

As for the micellar technology, that's just about how cleansing ingredients combine with water and interact with oils to cleanse them away. It's not new or technologically advanced, it's just another workable method to cleanse skin.

Whether you're intrigued by the concept of micellar cleansers or not, this fragrance-free, inexpensive gel cleanser gets the job done by removing makeup with relative ease and rinsing without a residue.

P.S. If this product sounds familiar, it's because it's nearly identical to its sister product, Garnier's Micellar Foaming Cleanser All-In-One Rinse-Off.


  • Gently cleanses skin and removes makeup.
  • Rinses without a residue.
  • Fragrance-free formula suitable for sensitive skin as claimed.
  • Bargain-friendly price.
  • None.

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

Gosh! Thats so helpful! I wonder what I should switch those out with then haha. Thanks:)

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam And here's the review for the Biore Pore Strip (I avoid those like the plague) (1/5 stars):



Deep Cleansing Pore Strips is the gimmicky product that put Biore on the map several years ago. The concept remains the same as when these first hit the beauty scene: you place a piece of cloth with an incredibly sticky substance on it over your nose or elsewhere on the face, as you might do with a Band-Aid, wait 15 minutes for it to dry, and then pull it off. Along with some amount of skin, blackheads are supposed to stick to it and come right out of the pore. The main ingredient on the strips is polyquaternium-37, a film-forming, hairspray type ingredient—so it’s basically a piece of gauze with a form of hairspray on it. You may at first be impressed with what comes off your nose. (Well, there is no question: you will be impressed.) Most people do have some oil sitting at the top of their oil glands, and most of the face’s oil glands are located on the nose. So whether you use these strips or a piece of tape, black dots and some skin will be removed.

Is that helpful? Only momentarily, although if you use the Biore product, the plastic-forming agent can get into the pores and possibly cause breakouts and irritation. The way these strips adhere, they can absolutely injure or tear skin and cause spider veins to surface. They are especially unsafe if you’ve been having facial peels; using Retin-A, Renova, AHAs, or BHA; or are taking oral vitamin A (isotretinoin) for acne; or if you have naturally thin skin or any skin disorder such as rosacea, psoriasis, or seborrhea.

Biore claims this product can pull an entire blackhead plug out of the skin. It can’t. If you could grab a blackhead out of the skin, your skin would be left with an empty hole (and there is nothing in this product that will close it up), but that’s not what happens. Instead, just the top layer of the blackhead is removed, and then the blackhead returns because the source of the problem was never corrected. Nothing was done to reduce irritation, exfoliate skin cells, help keep oil flow normal, or reduce the enlarged pore. Without question, this product is not preferred to a well-formulated, leave-on BHA exfoliant, which, in most cases, effectively dissolves and controls blackheads (in addition to its other positive traits). Please see our list of Best BHA Exfoliants for options.


I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

@jeskayjam have you tried any clay masks or charcoal masks?

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

I tried a Loreal one one time and it irritated the crap out of my skin lol

Re: I have really red skin with clogged pores any reccomendations?

Unfortunately even things that are recommended for sensitive skin can cause irritation on an individual basis. Innisfree make a nice volcanic pore clay mask that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. My Beauty Diary and Welcos Jeju Natural both make some nice aloe sheet masks that help with dehydrated skin and have also never caused me irritation. 


For redness, I've heard really good things about products from Dr G, especially the Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream (this is on my list of things to try myself).


I've tried lots of things for the same issues myself, with little success, but I have noticed that my pores are tighter after incorporating the use of an essence (after cleansing and before moisturising). I honestly thought these were nonsense, but got some as part of a set from Tatcha... ended up being totally won over. 



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