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I have a BAD habit! Help?

Whenever a blemish or pimple appears on my face it's a declaration of war. I battle until I see it destroyed :/


My problem is I'm left with a bright red scar/spot on my face for what feels like the longest time. How do you heal them quick or lessen the redness?

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

I also do this Smiley Sad


This is great:

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

Chupi! The JCP Sephora has 100 point deluxe samples of this murad serum. I got two. Started to apply after I dab Origins super spot remover on the maybe problems. What do you think? 

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

Mario Badescu sells a drying cream.  In all actuality, it's really just a thick covering paste, but I find that using this will help me resist the temptation to pick and it covers the spot really well.

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

When you do this, you are making your skin worse and probably causing other ones.  Put a gentle spot medicine on any blemishes at night or when you are around the house that is thick and stays on so you don't bother them with your hands.  When you mess with them, you are aggravating your skin and may be transferring bacteria to cause new ones   During the day if you are putting on makeup to go out, put something like tea tree oil (the body shop) on the spots so they don't get too dried out.  If you battle them in that way but leave them alone otherwise, you will probably notice you have fewer and not have these red marks, etc. I don't know if one of the products labeled face brightener or spot fader would help diminish what is already there, but breaking the cycle for any new ones is your best bet, I think.

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

Best thing to do is not mess with it at all.  I know it can be frustrating, but messing with it is really what leads to scarring, and it will also push the bacteria further into the dermis.  Best to just wash, treat and moisturize.  Carrot oil is excellent as a spot application as well.


But, if you must, try applying pure jojoba or sweet almond oil to help reduce scarring.

Re: I have a BAD habit! Help?

I need me some carrot oil!

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