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I absolutely MUST talk about Braggs ACV

This was too wonderful not to share with others. Today, for truly the first time in my adult life I was able to put foundation on without seeing cakeyness from the peeling around my nose, without seeing flaky-cakey on my forehead or above my eyebrows. I have a condition called sebbhoric dermatitis that I suspect is more common than we think and I know certainly for years I mistook it for dry skin patches. I used 2 parts Braggs Apple cider vinegar with two parts water on my face two days ago, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinsed it off. I have also been drinking 2 tbsp mixed with water once a day. My nose isn't peeling, flaking or red. I couldn't believe it. My eyebrows which I didn't treat at all are a little flaky but about a 75% improvement from their typical look and I have barely any dry patches on my forehead which used to be plagued with them.I have to wonder if the ingesting of the ACV is to praise for the eyebrows since they were not treated directly.


I do not have acne, but I do have clogged pores often with occasional pimples. The clogged pores are now half of their size and the enlarged oil-gland I had on my face has shrunk dramatically and is barely noticable.


Let me tell you guys, I have been through the gamut of skincare products just in search for a way to get rid of my nose and forehead flaking alone, not to mention my other concerns. I mean I have done moisturizers, creams, serums, masques, skincare step systems, exfoliaters, washes galore, toners, etc. and some things were wonderful for my pores but nothing ever fixed my flaking areas.


What is speaking the loudest to me is the fact that I have a cold right now, a very bad one. In spite of blowing my nose every few minutes I'm still not flaking away at the nose, I mean talk about dramatic results and fast.I have just recently ventured into "natural" alternatives to my skincare routine and between this and switching from my usual Shu Uemura cleansing oil to extra virgin olive oil I cannot believe how good my skin is looking or how quickly it has changed.I'll post on the olive oil after I've had longer time to use it but this has worked so quickly I am amazed.


Whether you have sebhoracious dermatitis or not I can't tell you highly I reccomend trying some apple cider vinegar and water for your skin. I was warned to use only organic, unfiltered ACV with the Mother so I can't speak about any other type but this is really something and extremely economical to boot.

Re: I absolutely MUST talk about Braggs ACV

I totally agree! I never applied it directly but when drinking it w a bit of honey 3X a day w just enough warm water to dissolve the honey AND A STRAW (Straws will help get it down quick but ALSO help avoid the acidic vinegar from eroding tooth enamel!) I never had such wonderful skin, thanks for reminding me about it! I'm going to start again!! GNC usually has Braggs!

Re: I absolutely MUST talk about Braggs ACV

I actually just started this yesterday at recommendations of a couple of people.  I have been using the tonic, which I find to be rather tasty.  And I personally never liked vinegar as well.  As for the smell, I like it for some odd reason.  I'm using it as a toner as well.  The only problem I have is with pouring out the vinegar without making a mess.  I was thinking about getting one of those alcohol bottle tops with the pourers to help me out.  Otherwise, if you guys have any suggestions for that, please let me know.  Thanks. Smiley Very Happy

Re: I absolutely MUST talk about Braggs ACV

I agree braggs is great. Its hard to take in at first but helps for tons of things.

Re: I absolutely MUST talk about Braggs ACV

Smelling it straight from the bottle is so foul I thought I could never actually drink it. However, once in the water it smells just like apple juice and it doesn't taste horrible but I like to mix it in tea to make it go down smoother. I don't smell it on skin after rinsing with water either so that is a plus. I think I found my new favorite product!

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