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So I’ve found these small little bumps/pimples (not sure what they are exactly) on my lower face from a long time. They’ve been there for about 2-3 months now. My skin has never really had any maaajor issues and I’m not really even acne prone, never had cystic acne or anything. I’ve tried everything, even gave up dairy not sure what’s causing it. I purchased so many skincare products to see exactly what’s wrong and to help fix it but nothing’s working! Any suggestions thoughts and ideas?! ANY opinions will help guys please!! 

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They look more like congestion on the skin. Really common and can be easily fixed. Your skin just needs exfoliating. Try using the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads. The chemical exfoliating properties in it will help decongest your skin from underneath leaving skin resurfaced and smooth. Use it 2-3 times a week even though it says daily.


As you age your hormones change. If you never had acne problems as a teenage it’s possible for you to have issues as a mid 20-30 year old. I would suggest using a mud mask/ black mask. It might be hormonal related. As weird as it is- I would track your breakouts via your calendar and see if there is a pattern. If you can find a pattern aka- mine is a week before my period- start masking and using acne treatments before you start to break out.


A year ago I started breaking out in that same area too. Pimples were never really painful like cystic acne, but they never came to a head either. They show up about a week before my period starts. I never had hormonal acne until I switched from the combination birth control pill to the "mini pill" for health reasons. Differen (adapalene gel) has been very helpful along with a gentle AHA, vitamin C, and Niacinamide.


I had been acne free for years (leaving teenage years) and out of the blue developed a bunch of bumps all over my chin and lower cheeks. I was ashamed to leave the house it looked so odd. I went to a dermatologist, and she said it was hormonal- even though I am in my 20’s, and it’s more common than you think. She also simplified my routine: basic Cetaphil face wash morning and night. Clindamyacin in lotion form during the day for moisturizer, and tretinoin at night 0.25%. It got worse before it got better (2 weeks for me) but then my skin cleared up completely, became baby smooth, and within a year I was able to re-introduce other products I love- serums, heavier moisturizers. Skin is still completely clear. She also put me in spironolactone (pill) during that year which I am now off of. That helped me tremendously too. I encourage you to look these products up online, schedule a visit with a dermatologist, and see if they’re right for you. When it comes to acne, OTC stuff tends to make it worse, not better. Go with the prescription stuff. My two cents.

Re: RE: I NEED HELP!!!!!

Thank you so much for your opinion!!!!! I’m guessing it is hormonal too! 

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