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Hydration and complexion

I came across this picture on Pinterest (hopefully it will show at a decent size) and it really resonated with me. I have a tough time staying hydrated due to my line of work which prevents me from drinking anything before and during whatever portion of the day I am working (cannot leave the OR until case is over, cannot eat or drink). My skin has been looking rather drab and I am wondering if anyone had some insight into this. I'm trying to make it a goal to drink 4 glasses of water later in the day and on the days I am not working but it is not going so well. Has anyone noticed a huge difference in their skin based on their water consumption?



(note difference in lighting and softness so difficult to direct compare, likely retouched to some extent as well)

Re: Hydration and complexion

Water makes a huge difference in my skin!  I've been filling up a 32oz water bottle twice a day with Propel berry drink packets, we have heavily chlorinated water and it tastes awful, and I find I actually am getting at least a gallon of water in a day!  I feel healthier and my skin does seem to play nicer.  Smiley Happy

Re: Hydration and complexion

Wow... that is a seriously dramatic difference. She looks so much healthier! This might provide me with the motivation to actually start drinking more water!

Re: Hydration and complexion

Water pretty much makes everything better. I know that when I drink more water, I am more awake and active, and alao more focused. And my skin does react when I don't get enough water. I definitely think that more water will help your skin - one tip I can give is to always carry a water bottle around, that way you are more likely to drink it. I know that sometimes big waterbottles can be a pain, so if it in inconvenient, just use one of those baby water bottles meant for on the go. Just realize that there will be no immediate results, it could take up to 3 months to see significant results 

Re: Hydration and complexion

My body is just all around better when I drink more water. I used to not drink any water at all - only Diet Coke. I started to drink more water, and my skin definitely improved, plus I felt better physically too. 

I hate when I'm in the middle of something in the lab and can't get to my water. I hope you can figure out a way to get more water! Maybe when you're eating, you could try to eat a few extra water-rich fruits and vegetables? I'm not sure how much that would contribute, but it certainly wouldn't hurt!

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