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Hydration and complexion

I came across this picture on Pinterest (hopefully it will show at a decent size) and it really resonated with me. I have a tough time staying hydrated due to my line of work which prevents me from drinking anything before and during whatever portion of the day I am working (cannot leave the OR until case is over, cannot eat or drink). My skin has been looking rather drab and I am wondering if anyone had some insight into this. I'm trying to make it a goal to drink 4 glasses of water later in the day and on the days I am not working but it is not going so well. Has anyone noticed a huge difference in their skin based on their water consumption?



(note difference in lighting and softness so difficult to direct compare, likely retouched to some extent as well)

Re: Hydration and complexion

My lips dry out quick if I'm not drinking enough water.

Re: Hydration and complexion

Yeah hon, the "after" photo is totally retouched. Mayyyyybe don't believe everything you see on the internet?


I chug water like a fiend but have never noticed any difference in my skin when I don't. It definitely makes a difference in how I feel/function overall though.

Re: Hydration and complexion

I know hydration is important, but I don't think sleep should be ignored. These two things are often forgotten in the beauty world...but they are important!


Can you keep a water bottle in your office or at whatever computer you're working at? I find I don't drink water unless I have the water bottle with me to remind me. If you want some extra flavor, crystal light and other brands make some great flavored mix-ins... lemonade, iced tea, etc. 

Re: Hydration and complexion

i definitely notice a difference in hydration based on my water consumption, and i suspect that having a humidifier also helps too (testing out this theory right now). However I do have to drink a few bottles of water a day haha, and that doesn't always happen. Smiley Happy

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