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Hydration and complexion

I came across this picture on Pinterest (hopefully it will show at a decent size) and it really resonated with me. I have a tough time staying hydrated due to my line of work which prevents me from drinking anything before and during whatever portion of the day I am working (cannot leave the OR until case is over, cannot eat or drink). My skin has been looking rather drab and I am wondering if anyone had some insight into this. I'm trying to make it a goal to drink 4 glasses of water later in the day and on the days I am not working but it is not going so well. Has anyone noticed a huge difference in their skin based on their water consumption?


(note difference in lighting and softness so difficult to direct compare, likely retouched to some extent as well)

Re: Hydration and complexion

Infused water recipes? Do you just stick those alone in the water? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Hydration and complexion

I have a pitcher that has an infuser in it, but sometimes I'll just throw lemon slices & mint in a nalgene if I'm in a rush. 



Re: Hydration and complexion

carolang, what a fascinating topic!  So on Pinterest was the reason for the change in four weeks because of drinking more water/being more hydrated only? 


I too can get into situations/meetings where I will not be able to access a bathroom for good periods of time.  It leaves me to hydrate as much as possible before I arrive (meaning getting the fluids in early in the day) then again afterwards.  Although it can be difficult to drink much in the evenings because it makes it hard to sleep through the night!  But it does make a difference in how I look and feel, along with a good skincare routine.


Quitting caffeine and changing diet a bit can help too, as some things can actually make it harder to absorb water. 


The difference in the images is remarkable - as a photographer I feel I should point out the image on the right appears to have been taken with diffused flash (while the one on the left had overhead lighting which was casting more dramatic shadows/lines).  This isn't necessarily responsible for all of the changes, but possibly could be for some of them.  For instance, shadows caused by bags under the eyes can appear less dramatic with different/better illumination.  (See how the brown eye color is lighter and the eyes have a "catchlight" in them, whereas the one on the left does not? Less shadows on the neck and under the lip?)  Not trying to be negative at all, just trying to point out there may be more to this than just the hydration.  But agree wholeheartedly that proper hydration is an important part of our well-being!

Re: Hydration and complexion

I like the photographer's analysis! I know it's probably manipulated some, but going from a line of work where I could drink to now where I cant I feel like it shows in my skin. But it did make me think that I should be drinking more. I have gotten dehydration headaches and often I miss meals too, so it's just a tough line of work often times I come home with no energy and just fall asleep immediately. So I am going to challenge myself to drink more and see if it has any effect on my skin!

Re: Hydration and complexion

I'm sure it will!  Smiley Happy  I recently did the Fast Metabolism Diet, which included eating healthier, cutting out caffeine and drinking more water and I saw the difference for sure.  Hope you are able to find ways to get the water into your routine!  Smiley Happy

Re: Hydration and complexion

i do think water makes a big difference, not only in your skin, but in the way you feel in general. that said, this before and after picture is a bit exaggerated. the after picture is taken in softer lighting with less definition in general - ie, the detail in her eyebrows and the mole under her right eye are much more obvious in the before picture than the after picture, so i would say the difference you see here has a lot to do with photography as well.


is there any way you can take breaks from the OR? how long do your cases last? can you hydrate in between cases?

Re: Hydration and complexion

I agree that hydration both internally and externally is very important. If you are exposed to a (low humidity) climate (even a climate control work environment). It can be rough on the skin. The skin needs hydration too. Increasing water intake helps in so many ways, but do not forget the skin can be thirsty. Need both. Hope that made a little sense.



There is something about the photos that I find interesting regarding the lighting. If you look at the *After Four Weeks, note the lighting is much more even and it includes catch lights in her eyes, which the one on left *Before, lacks. Anytime a headshot lacks proper lighting and catch light in the eyes, people tend to appear lackluster.

My comment regarding the photos is not to upset anyone, it is an observation only.

Re: Hydration and complexion

I personally don't believe photos because you never know who has retouched them. 

However, water does make a difference in the moisture of your skin. When i don't get enough water my face can start to feel dry and tight

Re: Hydration and complexion

I was going to post the exact same thing Smiley Very Happy
Water will definitely make a difference but you also need to cut out any other unhealthy drinks or you won't see a big difference. 

Also, the picture is quite obvious that she is wither wearing makeup in the second photo or it has been retouched so it has nothing to do with drinking water. 


Re: Hydration and complexion

Wow that's amazing! I notice a huge difference especially around my eyes. I try to drink water pretty often and especially after a coffee or eating. Without drinking enough water, my lines look more pronounced, my face feels less plump and over all I feel more tired.

<3 Melissa
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