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How to remove unwanted hair?

I have fair skin and dark, coarse leg hair, any recommendations?

Re: How to remove unwanted hair?

buy a pair of exfoliating gloves and a good body scrub (i got mine from walmart) and get the shick hydro 5 blade mens razor!! life changer!!

Re: How to remove unwanted hair?

I have the exact same problem! Here’s how I deal with it:


1. Exfoliate before shaving. I really love using exfoliating mits or shower scrub brushes. Exfoliation really helps me get a closer and cleaner looking shave. Sugar scrubs are okay for after as the hydrating elements like oil in some scrubs, for me personally, tend to clog up my razor and make the blade less long-lasting.


2. Buy a mens razor! Mens razors have sharper blades, none of that scented soap that’s on womens razors, and give a cleaner shave. On top of that make sure to get a razor with at least 5 blades for an easier shave. I recommend Gillette personally. 

3. Hair removal creams like Nair can be great for the lower leg/calf and knee. It’s easy to see that you’re not missing any spots as it coats your leg in a visible cream layer, and it literally makes your legs look hairless. I don’t usually use it on my upper leg/thigh as my hair is lighter up there and my “softer skin” on my thighs is more sensitive.


4. Light fake tan. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Light is super easy to use and can create a really nice subtle tan and even look to the skin, which can just improve overall appearance of the legs if you find they can look uneven or dirty especially with the dark hai

Those are my tips! Let me know if you try any of them:)

Re: How to remove unwanted hair?

@Cecilia278 @There’s lots of ways to remove hair, you just have to find the right one for you. 

I usually wax my legs in the winter because it’s easier to let the hair grow out sufficiently since I’m wearing tights or pants all the time. Some good exfoliating and the wax can really get me through like a month. In the summer I usually cave and just shave my legs. There’s also laser hair removal which of course is price-y but an option. 

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