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How to fade non-acne scars?

I didn't see this in the drop down, just questions on how to fade acne-related scars. So apologies if this is a repeat!


I was just wondering if anyone had any product suggestions for fading scars? I have a few on my leg I would really like diminished before shorts season is in full swing Smiley Happy

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

i highly recommend using Mederma to fade non-acne scars.  I have used it on numerous scars, to treat both dark color and raised scares.  You can get it from any Wal-mart/Target for about $15.  From personal experience, do NOT skimp and bu the store brand version, as it is not the same!





Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

My daughter likes to make grabs for my face all the time lately and if I'm not on top of clipping her nails, she leaves shallow cuts.  I've probably had about 10+ on my face by this point and once I started using Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Oil after cleaning the cut immediately as part of my regular skin care routine, they started healing up and disappearing completely without redness or scarring within a week...including one that had been there for a couple of months.  That one can barely be seen anymore and isn't visible at all under tinted moisturizer. 


At $79 it's pretty pricey, but you only need a couple of drops, plus you have the added bonus of hydration.  It lasts at least four months for me (I just picked up another one and I'm not half done with the original bottle yet).Josie Maran has vitamin E in the argan oil, but it doesn't work half as well on my pale skin as the Algenist does.


If you can, I would pick up one of the smaller bottles of the Josie Maran Argan Oil for about $14-28 and try that, or see if you can get a 2 week sample of the Algenist oil and try them out.

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

From falling, I have areas on dark on my leg and top of foot, been using Clinique dark spot corrector, in addition to using for a few post acne dark's been helping both. The acne name is just marketing, most things can be used elsewhere.


For a drugstore option, mederma is a cream and marketed for 'regular' scars.

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Thanks! I feel dumb for not even considering skin care items like dark spot minimizers, lol! I'm pretty sure I have a couple of samples for dark spot reducers that I haven't even touched because i don't have issues with dark spots on my face. 

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

The ingredients in many post acne/acne scar treatments can be used as well for various discoloration issues from sun spots, age spots, to scarring.


Is it the actual color of the scar you're looking to target or the texture you're trying to fade?

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

It's really just the color. My skin scars easily, and stays red for a very long time. The issues with texture are pretty minimal. 

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Depending on how sensitive your skin may be, more mild, yet still effective ingredients to keep an eye for would be vitamin C, resveratrol, licorice, and alpha arbutin. Something a bit more heavy hitting would be retinol and hydroquinone.


Vitamin C and resveratrol (derived from grapes) are rich antioxidants that help to brighten and even skin tone but also guard against free radical damage, making them great for day time use and are found in Ole Henriksen's Truth line, Peter Thomas Roth's Camu Camu line, and Caudalie. Licorice extract is also a gentle brightener and found in First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Serum. Alpha arbutin operates like hydroquinone by also inhibiting further melanin production on target sites, preventing scar sites from darkening/worsening and can be found in Kate Somerville's Complexion Correction Daily and Overnight Discoloration Perfector.


Hydroquinone is found also in Kate's Spot Reducing Concentrate, Murad's Post Acne Spot Gel, Murad's Rapid Age Spot Lightening Gel, and Peter Thomas Roth's DeSpot. Retinol treatments can be found  Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Dennis Gross.


If you want more info on lightening/brightening agents check out the below thread:

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Awesome, thank you! I've already got three products in my cabinet that should help then!


PTR retinol PM serum

Ole truth serum

Murad post acne spot gel

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Definitely use the OH Truth Serum in the day time along with SPF to shield against UV rays.


Since the PTR and Murad contain some heavier hitting ingredients, choose to use one nightly, if you want to use both, try alternating between them, using one for one full week at night and then switch to the other.

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Hi Redwagon44!


I guess we don't really make it clear if the products we use can fade scars cause by other things other than acne.  I used my Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector on my scar that I had on my leg.  I'm very clumsy and cause a very large scar on my leg directly under my knee.  It's almost completely gone.  I only used it at night and during the day I used neosporin and a moisturizer with SPF so that it didn't get darker. 


Good Luck!

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Thank you for the tip! I'm just trying to reduce the color of the scars, so that sounds like it would work well

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

strivectin has some great creams for fading stretch marks and scars. 

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

Thanks for the suggestion! I always forget about that brand. 

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?



I'm using Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector and it's really working for me.  I def recommend it.  Also my friend is using the Origins Mega Bright Dark Spot Corrector and says it's really working for her.  If you're gonna use it on your legs I think you should use the Dark Spot Corrector for Hands that Clinique has.  Hope this helps!

Re: How to fade non-acne scars?

I'll check that out! My mom uses the dark spot correcter on her face, I never even thought about seeing if they had a product for hands/body

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