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How do you exfoliate?

There are soo many types of exfoliation and so many fancy terms out there. What's your preferred method?


Face: chemical (peel), physical (scrubs) or combination of both?

Body: scrubs (sugar, salt, shells), exfoliating towels, or dry brushing?



Re: How do you exfoliate?

Face: I like to use a scrub which also qualifies as an enzyme peel for my acne-prone skin. I use Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate twice a week because it's intensive and has a list of beautifully picked ingredients that I like for my skin plus it gives me the satisfaction of a scrub. I also like the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel for a more gentler effect when I'm not breaking out as much. 


Body: Sugar scrub by Tree Hut all the way! After I shave my legs, this makes them silky smooth and all of them smell delicious!

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I use St Ives apricot scrub once a week.  And right now I'm trying out a bunch of Mario Badescu samples so I'm using a strawberry exfoliating face wash twice a week instead of my st. ives.


For body I don't do anything.  I just use a roughish scrubby thing with my shower gel and I've always figured that takes care of it.  Should I be exfoliating my body more intentionally? it sounds kinda fun.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I like to make a homemade scrub with olive olive and sugar.  It's natural, the Olive oil is great for your skin and it's super easy with things just from your kitchen. It is good for face and body. If I buy one, I buy The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit scrub because I love the smell (this is just for body).  I've tried various samples for face such as GlamGlow, Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads, etc. but haven't found something I love for my face.  My face is very sensitive too so I don't like to put things that are too harsh on it or it will react. 

Re: How do you exfoliate?

where can you buy this? I don't see it on the sephora online store:/

Re: How do you exfoliate?

Some of the stuff we talk about are not sold by Sephora, like Tree Hut, the body shop, organic mineral

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I have been fully enabled by y'all and just purchased the Tree Hut body scrub on amazon (and I had a gift card yay!)!  I can't wait till it gets here!

Re: How do you exfoliate?

Oh nice! Which one did you end up purchasing?

Re: How do you exfoliate?

The Tree Hut Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub.  I'm very excited.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

Face: Amore pacific enzyme treatment every night

Kate Sommerville exfolikate once a week...haven't been using it lately, its in my travel bag somewhere!


Body: Tree hut shea brazillian nut ---I used to take this from my Mom's bath so she gifted me a few jars!


Reading through this thread made me laugh...who enabled who? You guys are awesome:-)

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I use skinfood sugar mask to exfolliate once a week now that i use my clarisonic everyday.  the product leaves my face soft and moisturized.   For body I guess i use bath sponges with body wash.  

Re: How do you exfoliate?

Ps i use the rice mask sometimes, its not a exfoliator but more of A moisturizing mask.  

Re: How do you exfoliate?

lol, what's this? it seems like everyone's using this Tree Hut brand and I've never heard about it. *adds to my basket in Amazon*


OMG, coconut lime was my FAVORITE scent when I discovered it in BBW, but of course they have to discontinue it. And now I found this scrub.......o.o......O.O.....


Re: How do you exfoliate?

Surprise me too. They have it in ulta if there's a store close to you.

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