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How do you exfoliate?

There are soo many types of exfoliation and so many fancy terms out there. What's your preferred method?


Face: chemical (peel), physical (scrubs) or combination of both?

Body: scrubs (sugar, salt, shells), exfoliating towels, or dry brushing?



Re: How do you exfoliate?

I like chemical peels. If I do use a manual exfoliator, I make sure the granuals are really fine. I like to use some of exfoliator at least 3x a week.

<3 Melissa

Re: How do you exfoliate?

They smell so good! Sometimes I think I use too much just too keep smelling the scent lol. Not expensive at all either.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

You guys are seriously making me want to buy it now! Lol

Enablers Smiley Wink

Re: How do you exfoliate?

The coconut lime is my favorite!! The first time I bought this I wanted to scoop out a handful and eat it, lol. 

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I use the exact same one but in Almond Honey!!! Omg it's the best! got my SIL hooked on it too! It smells so good!!! I recently purchased soap and glory - Flake away body polish. Can't wait to try it! Smiley Happy

Re: How do you exfoliate?

I haven't! Which is a problem. I have dry skin, and I think the dead skin buildup is only making it worse -- it's blocking a few pores, I have small bumps and pimples, I have flaking skin in certain parts (maybe even minor dermatitis). I think proper exfoliation will maybe fix these problems. I've done some investigating and plan on buying Koh Gen Do's Gommage Spa Gel. I've read that it's great for sensitive skin AND rosacea (I have both these skin concerns) -- it reduces irritation and redness. It's also completely free of scrubbing particles, which I imagine might irritate my sensitive skin.


I'll let you know how I like it. I'll probably only use it once a week. It's probably not a good idea to use a scrub more than 2-3 times a week if you use sensitive skin.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

i recently purchased the Sephora Exfoliating face/body Mitt, leaves my skin feeling soft and looking brand new, sometimes chemical exfoliation is too harsh on my sensitive skin. As for my body i use a homemade sugar scrub on my knees and elbows only.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

Personally I never use chemical peels as they can seriously damage and age skin but scrubs are a totes yes! they remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft and fresh but make sure that you moisturize immediately after or the new skin will dry out! I love clean and clear's morning burst scrub for my face and bath and body works aromatherapy scrub for my body.

Re: How do you exfoliate?

For my face I alternate between a few things.  About two times a week I use First Aid Beauty Face Polish scrub.  Once a week I use my Clarisonic.  And everyday I use the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads to tone.    


Re: How do you exfoliate?

My facialist has told me, personally, not to use physical exfoliants on my face due to my redness issues, but to make sure this does not stop me from exfoliating!  I use chemical exfoliants on my face like this murad one (which I love!)


For my body, I love a good sugar or salt scrub.  LUSH is my go-to.

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