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How do I lighten my skin?

This may seem like a weird question, but I have naturally fair skin (NW15) that tans easily, rarely burns. Strange, I know...


Well, I did some vacationing over the summer and got very tanned, especially on my arms and legs. I got a bit of a tan on my face as well. It's still really noticeable. I know this isn't a good look for me, a lot of friends have commented on it too. I'm wondering if there's any way to even out my skin, maybe even lighten it a bit. I looked into Diorsnow and Shiseido's White Lucent line, I know Diorsnow is quite good (friend swears by it). I'm also looking for a good body exfoliating treatment, I heard that can help get rid of a tan. Any advice?


Thanks! x

Hi--Have you watched any of the pinksofoxy videos on YouT...

Hi--Have you watched any of the pinksofoxy videos on YouTube? She suggested a mix of jojoba oil and one or two drops of lemon oil to help fade unwanted coloring. So far, it's been working for me--evening my skin tone as a goal.


Good luck!

You're best bet is to be patient while your skin natural...

You're best bet is to be patient while your skin natural exfoliates and the tanned layers get shed off as they're brought closer and closer to the surface due to new skin cell regeneration. You can help the process along with exfoliating with glycolic scrubs and washes (they contain brightening fruit extracts), but it's not going to be something that transforms your skin over the course of a few nights.


Try PTR's Anti-Aging Buffing Beads, they use soft and gentle jojoba beads tos crub dead skin and contains glycolic and salicylic acid to exfoliate and brighten.


I wouldn't use it more than 2 or maybe 3 times a week for starters as you don't want to overexfoliate and irritate skin. Be sure to follow with a good moisturizer and wear at least an SPF of 30 during the day.

Products like DiorSnow aren't really geared toward fading...

Products like DiorSnow aren't really geared toward fading a tan (rather for age spots, overall brightening and evening, etc.) -- and unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Your best bet is to exfoliate (try fruit acid-based exfoliators like lemon juice, etc.), moisturize, drink a ton of water and -- most importantly -- avoid sun exposure. In terms of your face, definitely wear a sunscreen of at least 30 on a daily basis, and be sure to blend as far as your hairline (and don't forget your neck and hands).

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