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Anonymous Insider

Hormonal Acne HELP

I'm 22 and still struggle with hormonal acne, especially around that time of the month. I feel like I've tried everything. Anyone have any suggestions on how to spot treat and prevent? I wash my face with the Cetaphil face wash and use the ole henrickson oil control toner and clinique gel moisturizer in the morning, and the origins united states toner, DE AHA serum, Origins Night-A-Mins (oil-free), benzoyl peroxide, and Sunday Riley Sulphur mask to spot treat at night. I've also tried drinking peppermint tea recently but I can't tell if it helps. Any advice is welcome 🙂 

Re: Hormonal Acne HELP

@Anonymous Have you tried supplements? I take Moody Bird by HUM nutrition religiously. It not only helps with PMS, it also helps balance out your hormones, which, in turn, helps fight those hormonal breakouts. It’s done wonders for me. I’ve been taking them daily for 3 months and will never be without them (and a couple other supplements) again. 

RE: Hormonal Acne HELP

I know most people are against it but I did accurate and it cleared me of all acne I don’t even get pimples now and it’s been 6 years since!!! It was the best decision!

Re: Hormonal Acne HELP

Hey there!


I had the same issue as you and I went to see a dermatologist. 😊 Hormonal acne, indeed, is better treated by Aldactone and Tazorac. I have noticed though that after coming off it, I still get one or two big pimples under my chin every once in a while. Although still annoying, it's better than what it was like before. The struggle is real. Good luck finding what works best for you!


Happy holidays,

Cindy Anai 

RE: Hormonal Acne HELP

I just went through that this summer. I had at least one painful pimple on my chin at any given time and nothing over the counter worked. Even prescription topicals didn’t work but after 2 months on spironolactone and Epiduo Forte during the day, my skin is finally getting better. I love Sephora but hormonal acne is best treated by a dermatologist.

RE: Hormonal Acne HELP

Is your skin oily or dry?

RE: Hormonal Acne HELP

I love the Murad Anti Aging Acne Cleanser. I struggled with hormonal acne and it changed my skin so much! It’s my holy grail cleanser! I should say, this clears it up . I still struggle with the acne itself because it’s hormonal and there’s not much you can do about that 😕

Re: Hormonal Acne HELP

Hellooo! yes as the other girls have said, hormonal acne is hard to treat with topical treatments. you should go to a dermatologist. try either birth control or spironolactone. currently, im on both. a lot of times birth control does the trick.


my personal treatment (maybe you can get some ideas)

- 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash (you can buy one off the shelf in target for $10)

- clindamycin phosphate (topical gel)

- tazorac (at night for 30 min)

- spironolactone 50 mg twice a day 

- birth control (ortho tri cyclen lo)

RE: Hormonal Acne HELP

Hi girl. You are using a lot of products your skin may be overwhelmed with all the different chemicals and ph levels of things you are putting on it. Sounds like your skin is sensitive and unbalanced this could be due to several reasons 1. When you are using spot treatment you shouldn’t mix it with anything else 2. When you use Sunday Riley they recommend not to add anything on top of the oil it is a stand alone product 3. Clinique can be very drying to The skin and will strip away all of the skin natural elements that help to heal and replenish itself. I think you should start a new regimen less is more and be consistent with the products and keep it to a minimum. Get a gentle cleanser- bioderma water, then a great toner P50, then serum (Sunday Riley or drunk elephant) and a good moisturizer Drunk elephant. Do weekly masks to help keep breakouts at bay some good masks beauty brands are Tatcha, tata Harper, Peter Thomas Roth.

Re: Hormonal Acne HELP

Pretty much what @beautywurk said-- hormonal acne is very difficult to control topically. Going on a medication such as birth control or spironolactone may be a better option for you; I'd definitely go see a doctor, a dermatologist if possible. 


FYI: Peppermint tea doesn't really affect hormones! It's spearmint tea that has been shown to have an effect on hormonal acne. I would still consult a doctor before dosing yourself with spearmint tea however, as it's very easy to miss the mark and send your hormones into an even bigger imbalance/cause other hormonal side effects. 

Unfortunately hormonal acne isn't something that can be h...

Unfortunately hormonal acne isn't something that can be helped too much and what you are putting on your skin topically won't stop them from happening. As women our hormones fluctuate throughout the month because of our cycles and that can cause breakouts. If it's really bad, I would suggest birth control if you aren't already on it as it can keep your hormones in check and somewhat balance them out. If your products are working (not making your breakouts worse) I would just stick with them. Hope this helped!
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