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Herbivore Pink Cloud

I really love the consistency of this moisturizer and how it's worked for my skin. What I don't love is how quickly it expires. I know it's good in some ways that it doesn't use preservatives but if I'm buying something expensive I don't want it to go off halfway through using it. Any recommendations on something with a similar texture?

Re: Herbivore Pink Cloud

@MaeMoo99   I've never tried the Pink Cloud cream, but it sounds wonderful!  Have you ever tried any of Fresh's products?  They make a Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream that contains rosewater and hyaluronic acid like Pink Cloud, plus other ingredients.  I've never had any Fresh products turn on me, but you can check out the ingredient list here to see if you're interested: (this is a link to a smaller size) Tongue44...Smiley Tongue


Korres has a few rose products, one of which is a Wild Rose Smoothie Brightening Priming Moisturizer.  It contains the rose oil, aloe, and hyaluronic acid as the Pink Cloud does. TongueSmiley Tongue


None of these is an exact match, but I hope you find something great!

I swear by the Fresh rose serum! I'll have to try the moi...

I swear by the Fresh rose serum! I'll have to try the moisturizer too! but thank you so so much for these other options!
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