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Help me help my BFF's skin!

Okay, so my friend is having a tough time figuring out her skin. Her skin is rather different than mine, so I'm at a loss!

She has dry skin prone to acne. She's using Philosophy Purity Cleanser - which she said does not make her face tight after use - so I said that's fine. After a recent DDG splurge, she's using Trifix Oil-Free Hydrating Moisturizer and the One Step Acne Eliminating Pads. Once she started using these, her skin freaked out and she had more pimples than ever. Plus, more dryness and crazy blotchiness.

I had her stop using the DDG products, but we're wondering what products work best for her skin type. Her skin is still trying to calm down, and acne/dryness are daily issues anyway. Any suggestions?

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

How severe is her acne and breakouts?

Around how many breakouts or pimples pop up in the span of a month?

Is there a particular type of blemish she tends to suffer from more so? (Are they red, raised blemishes that may be tender to the touch? Whiteheads? Small clusters of bumps? Blackheads?)


Aside from the Purity cleanser and the Trifix moisturizer does she use anything else regularly? How often does she wash her face and does she use a SPF based lotion for the day or any type of sunscreen? Is she currently using any specific product for her breakouts?

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

Her acne is moderate, I suppose. She constantly has about 4-5 pimples. Her issue is more the red blemishes - not whiteheads or blackheads. She has small clusters of bumps on her forehead and around her chin.

She washes her face in the morning and evening. She's bad about SPF. She wears makeup daily. The only product for her breakouts right now is the DDG One Step Acne Eliminating Pads, which she was using every day. She was using a prescription medication before the DDG stuff, but it wasn't giving her the results she wanted.

This is the "How well do I know my BFF?" game!

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

When she wakes up, does her skin feels oily or in actual need of a cleansing? For most skin types, definitely dry, doubling up on cleansing may not be necessary, and if her skin is depleted of moisture, washing it more than once a day may be drying it out even more.


Maybe she can try using a hydrating/refreshing toner or mist sprayed or wiped over skin to perk up her mornings, that way she still gets the "clean" feeling without worrying about water and cleansers stripping away what little moisture she does have. Purity Made Simple does contain sulfates, though her skin doesn't feel uncomfortable after washing, if it's not feeling or seeing any improvements, maybe she can consider switching.


Murad's Hydrating Toner is alcohol free and packed with humectants, anti-oxidants, and gentle fruit extracts:

Murad - Hydrating Toner


A constant 4-5 pimples wouldn't per say knock her into the category of acne. Being prone to break outs is one thing, but having actual acne is another. In regards to the bumps on her forehead and chin, does she have bangs? Does she frequent hair styling products around her roots/hairline? Does she tend to rest her chin on her hand/touch her face excessively? Does she ever wipe down her cell phone with an anti-bacterial wipe? How often does she change her pillow case? Sometimes common factors like every day practices can contribute greatly to how often and where blemishes form.


In terms of blemish treatment, salicylic acid is going to be the most all-encompassing ingredient out there. Salicylic acid treats various blemish types on multiple levels, making it effective and the go-to for breakouts. SA is a beta hydroxy acid that works by breaking down excess sebum that can clog and be trapped in pores, helping to essentially "unplug" a problem site . SA also lends itself to helping chemically exfoliate dead/excess skin at the surface, helping to reduce the size of blemishes and even out skin's texture.


The DDG pads used all over may have been too strong for her, instead, have her look into spot treatments where she can apply it just to a localized area rather than all over skin and even look for lower dose formulas to prevent overwhelming or off-setting her dryness.


The Trifix moisturizer actually contains willow bark/herb, a natural source of salicylic acid and has ingredients which calm inflammation, helping to ease the redness of her blemishes. Have your friend look into fluid-like sunscreens to pair with Trifix and use over it for day time. La Roche Posay makes excellent, light weight, oil free formulas that help condition skin and don't feel chalky or heavy. Kate Somerville's Waterlight SPF 50 Sun Screen is a mineral based sun screen that offers broad spectrum protection in a formula that absorbs quickly.


I would definitely recommend she look into using a moisturizer at night that targets and serves more to hydrating her skin rather than treating the blemishes. Overwhelming skin with blemish fighting ingredients when blemishes are few in number could also be what is keeping her skin so dry.


Murad's Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer combines botanical based oils that mimic the natural oils your body produces and are rich in fatty acids to keep skin plump and hydrated:

Murad - Hydrate for Hope


Origins' High Potency Night-A-Mins is a mineral and vitamin enriched night cream that hydrates throughout the night with a time-release system:

Origins - High Potency Night-A-Mins™ Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream

Korres' Greek Yoghurt creams (available in regular cream and more intensive "sleep facial", which can also be followed up with a traditional moisturizer) utilizes lactic acid in yogurt proteins to gently and effectively soften skin (lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that works to break down dead skin at the surface but also promote healthier cellular regeneration in addition to keeping skin tone even) but also even its texture. Lactic acid is great to use when dealing with blemishes and break outs as it's delicate on skin, but lends a hand to tackling the physical qualities of a break out.

Korres - Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream

Korres - Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

Ahh, thanks lylysa! As always, your answer is thought-out and helpful! I'll talk to my friend and give her these product recommendations!!

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

I have very sensitive skin too and am very jealous of you lucky girls that can put anything on your skin and not break out from it!!


I have used Purity for years and it is very gentle on my face.  When I use anything that has "acne fighting" chemicals in it my skin gets very upset and gives me dryness, blotches, scales and mad crops of acne, so it sounds a lot like your friend.  Note that I have sensitive skin combined with topical allergies (the dyes in a drugstore brand once gave me hives!) so your friend may want to see a doctor again re allergy testing.


This is what I use for acne now and I have no issues with my skin:

- Boscia spot treatment - on spots that I can feel emerging - it takes them away is gentle and natural and feels good


- Purity's acne line - ONLY on the spots though - NO covering your whole face with harsh acids!!  And only one product at a time


But my secret weapon is my mom's secret for healthy skin - Aloette Visible Aid - put it on acne, burns, bites, cuts, itchy spots, sunburn, windburn - and it makes your skin feel wonderful and clears/heals it right up.  When I get myself into messes like your friend's I go back to my basic Purity & Aloette for a few weeks to heal up.


I'm not a doctor or anything (although I have watched every episode of House LOL) but your friend's experience sounded so much like mine I wanted to share, at least so she knows she's not alone.  Hope it helps a bit! Smiley Happy

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

Have her check the ingredients (skin care and makeup) for oil-free, no fragrance, non-condegemic.


How often is she using the acne pads? With acne products, when used too much, they will cause redness, flaking, etc. Alcohol will also cause redness.


Estee Lauder's oil-free daywear spf 25 cream is hydrating, says to use day and night. I have oily combo/acne-prone skin (of course opposite your friend) this has not made me break out.


I find Korres 24hr moisturizer sometimes too hydrating, so this could be could for her..again have not had break outs, will see redness at first from the vitamin c which should go away. Vitamin C will also help with acne (and marks), I put on a pimple and the next day it's almost gone..I usually use their sleeping facial for this. Korres is all natural.



Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

I think you should tell her to see a dermatologist. Her skin is worth it. I had acne before and only dermatologist helped my skin. Good luck to her!

Re: Help me help my BFF's skin!

You likely have the best of intentions but your bff needs to see a dermatologist. Many skin problems cannot be solved with products.

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