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Help...What skin care products should I use?

I am trying to find the right skin care for me. I am 26, fair olive/yellow skin, have occasional breakouts, some minor acne scars, oily skin, sensitive skin, large pores on my nose, not much black head issues but do have some clogged pores. Generally, I use facial towelettes to take off makeup and clean my face. I use spf and bb cream on my face.


I want something that clears up my skin, evens out skin tone, keeps oil in control without drying out my skin since oils are good for the skin, and that keeps skin looking youthful/glowy.


I don't know where to start looking...there's so many products out there that it gets overwhelming.


Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

Ditch the wipes. They don't get your skin clean, and they dry out the skin. Wash with a cleanser and water. The Fresh Soy is my favorite cleanser. In the evening, cleanse twice (one to remove makeup, one to clean your skin).

Fresh Soy Cleanser

Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner
Mario B. Rose and herb spray

Mario vit c serum

Caudalie vinoperfect radiance serum

light moisturizer. If you can spend the $, try the rebuilding by tata harper. It's absolutely amazing.


Hope this helps!

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

@Polishlover10 I sent you a message 🙂

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

I would use something more for cleansing. Facial towelettes are great for quickly taking of makeup but I always find that a second deeper cleanse is necessary. I would also look for something with salicylic acid if you have oily skin with some clogged pores. What products have you tried that you are sensitive to?

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

When I was younger, I tried Proactive to clear up my skin. It made it dry and peel off. I also tried basics like neutrogena which also made my skin feel dry. I currently use Japanese (cow brand) skin cleansers for sensitive skin which don't dry out my skin, but it doesn't really do much to improve the overall look my skin nor help with the occasional breakout.


Thanks for all your help!

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

If your skin is drying up from Proactiv, then I would watch what you use.  Also, because your skin is sensitive, I would avoid using salicylic acid on the face, for it can make acne problems worse for those with sensitive skin.


Also, I would recommend getting a cleanser, something that will help keep the moisture in your face.  Have you tried Fresh Soy Cleanser?  I find it works well with sensitive skin.


If you want a facial peel, do Blue Plasma.  Again, it will be extremely gentle on the face.


As for moisturizer, I don't care if your skin is oily or not, you should moisturize.  If you don't, it can actually cause more problems later on (and it could be potentially leading to your oily skin).  Have you tried the brand Caudalie?  I find them to be one of the most forgiving whenever it come to sensitive skin.

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

Right now, I use an elizabeth arden or I use neutrogena visibly even face lotion under my bb cream. I use skin79 gold label bb cream.


I have tried using an NYX primer that reduces oil. It worked the first few times but after that, a lot of the oiliness was visible after a couple of hours. Since then I have resorted to using blotting tissue. I also tried the tarte primer and that made my skin even oilier. The tarte bb cream also made my skin super oily. The Korean bb creams seems to match my skin tone better anyway (I have an Asian skin tone).


I tried a sample of the Fresh Soy cleanser but wasn't particularly impressed. Obviously, I didn't try it long enough to see how much of a difference it would make on my skin.

Re: Help...What skin care products should I use?

sounds like you might need more moisture than you think? breakouts do not mean that you have oily skin. i would try something with a salicylic acid if you think your skin is quite oily/shiny. oil based cleansers can be quite good for oily/sensitive skin as well since oil dissolves oil with stripping the skin of moisture. face towelettes can be harsh since you have to rub your skin quite a bit to get the makeup off. you definitely need a good sunblock as well. i use the clarins one and find that is very nonoily and nonirritating. if you are very oily, you may not need a moisturizure but might look into a primer. houglass mineral veil is good for sensitive skin.

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