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Help!!! My Combination Extremes Are Tearing Me Apart!

My combination skin is extreme. Sometimes it's very oily and mildly to moderately broken out, other times it's extremely dry, flakey, and very broken out. I changed my foundation to BareMinerals and my skin was better than it has been in quite some time. Then bam, I'm starting all over again. When my acne flairs it can be quite embarrassing with large painful pimples that I cannot just ignore.  So what do I do at that point? I put acne medication on and the dryness is unbearable. There are a few factors to my skin problems such as working in a restaurant, my monthly period, and changes in the weather.  I'm 28 with the self-confidence of a tween girl hitting puberty. What can I do to balance this out?

I had the very same problem.  The deep cystic acne (that...

I had the very same problem.  The deep cystic acne (that I had for 2 years)  only went away after 3 months of taking an antibiotic that I got from the dermatologist.  Since then, I go easy on the exfoliation since I notice that a few days after I exfoliate, my skin is very oily.  I take a multi-vitamin called "daily glow" by Genuine Health that is made for improving skin appearance.  On top of cleaning make up brushes, disinfect telephones as they carry a lot of bacteria and are transfered straight to your face.  I am really into Darphin products right now but I like to mix it up with DDF and Fresh.  

I'm in a similar boat. 26 years old and recently broke ou...

I'm in a similar boat. 26 years old and recently broke out again (for like a whole year). That basically zapped my smooth transition into elegant adulthood. I'm with alegnad on the idea of not using acne-fighting products anymore. They have all made my skin worse. I do use tea tree oil at night because it works and doesn't have negative side effects - but I'm starting to phase it out (because I'm actually getting my skin under control).


Basically I want my face to behave like the rest of my skin so I use the same hypoallergenic soap all over, face and body - Dove's bar soap for sensitive skin. I highly recommend it. 


Some people say the yogurt moisturizer by Korres is great for combination skin - variations of salicylic acid break me out though so I had to return mine - but before my face reacted to that, I could totally see a transformation from just using a moisturizer at all. So I also recommend you do the trial and error thing to see what works for you. 


If you can afford it or can ask for it as a gift or whatever - I definitely suggest you get one of the brushes by Clarisonic. It's gentle yet effective. 


Have to say as a final note that food breaks me out. I didn't believe in that at all until this year. My body just does not like soy and to punish me it pushes it out through the pores on my face. So, look into that kind of thing, especially if you notice a random break-out that you weren't expecting. 

Hi, I might sound redundant in the things I say, cause I'...

Hi, I might sound redundant in the things I say, cause I'm sure you've tried almost everything (so, I apologize in advance) but here is what I suggest.


First I always suggest to see if a Dermatologist if you can. They are the real experts.


Ok, when you wake up, first thing wash your face, preferrably with something that has at least 2% Salycic Acid. Rather than wash it off right away let it sit there for a minute to let it sink in then wash it off. Next I like to exfoiliate my skin, just to get rid of some of the dead skin cells. Then I treat my acne. I use spot treatmetn with something that has at least 4% Benzoyl Peroxide in it. Since you have combo skin and you feel your skin is already too dry, I would skip this step, but if its oily that day I would do it. I just dap it on the zit itself and then rub alittle around the area the pimples are at. I don't put it all over my face. I let that dry and then I put on a noncomedogenic, oil-free, possibly fragrance-free moisturizer. Preferrably one with SPF of at least 15... always apply a face sunscreen..again one noncomedogenic and oil-free.


I'm sure you probably do all that. Here are some other suggestions, that are a little different I guess. If you're not on birth control, you might consider taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen or Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo birth contol. It helps some women with Severe acne (but not all, still worth a shot).


 I also take Evening Primrose Pills.. you can get this at any drugstore or wal-mart. Its just a vitamin, but its really good for you, especially women. It helps regulate your moods when PMSing, it even helps with acne, cramps, arthitis, and regulating your heart. Really good stuff.


Drink Plenty of water through out the day, this will help with dryness of the skin. Sometimes dryness can occur due to lack of hydration. Also, avoid a lot of process foods, anything thats high in saturated fats or trans fats or sugars, they really can make you break out more. Exercise! This really helps with your skin as well and your overall being. Everynight try to relax yourself as well to relieve stress cause stress will make it worse. I like to read a book before I fall asleep. This really relaxes me and gets my mind off the day. You can also take a warm bath with lavendar salts...or listen to music, or meditate. Whatever makes you feel calm at night.


I use to deliver pizza, so I know what its like to work at a greasy restaurant. On my lunch break I use to go wash my face and use a toner as well. I really didn't wear make up at work, cause I would just sweat it off in my hot car (I didn't have air conditioning) with the hot pizzas, which is another reason I washed my face half way through the shift. But you can always bring your make up to work and refresh yourself after you wash your face.


I read a study that women touch their face on average 600 times a day. After I read that I try to be more conscience about it. Use the back of your hand instead of your palm if you have to touch your face.


If you're using make up brushes to do your make up, clean them everyday! Sephora sells a Daily Brush cleaner. I also Shampoo my brushes once a week. Sephora also sells a brush shampoo. Brushes will carry a lot of your dead skin and other nasty stuff that will make you break out more, so you really need to take of them.


Wash your sheets and pillows and pillowcases at least once a week. I watched a show about beds and you wouldn't believe how dirty our mattresses and pillows are! Most people don't even wash the actual pillow, not knowing that there is just tons of dead skin and other things living in there! Anything that touches your face you need to wash.


At night before I go to bed, I again wash my face with Salycic Acid, I might treat my acne again with Benzoyl Peroxide if it isn't too dried out. You can moisturize again if you're skin is feeling dry or you can do a night treatment for acne.


Oh, also when you shower, use luke warm water... not a lot of people know this but  hot water dries out your skin even more. I shower in luke warm water and at the end of the shower, I turn the hot water all the way off and rinse with freezing cold water. This helps shrink your pores and lock in moisture. It also helps your hair.


I hope this was helpful and not too redundant. Again, if nothing seems to be working, your best option might be to see a dermatologist if you can.


Here are some links of products that might help from sephora.


Cleanser: Murad Clarifying Cleanser


Exfoilating: DDF Pumice Acne Scrub


Spot Treatment: DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel


Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream


SunScreen : Peter Thomas Roth Clini-Matte All Day Oil Control SPF 20


Night Treatment: Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel


Toner: Murad Clarifying Toner


Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner


Sephora Purifying Brush Shampoo


I have the same issues. Trail and error has help me tame...

I have the same issues. Trail and error has help me tame some of my skin problems.

First hair products. I noticed certain hair products make my skin break out. Also if you have dandruff that is an issue to take care of with head and shoulders or tgel. I never go to be without washing my hair & face and change my pillow cases often.  I also clean makeup brushes and sponges often.


I stopped using acne products completely they make me breakout more. Most adult acne is hormonal not a hygenic issue.  I look for sensitive skin products and sun screen with zinc instead of other ingredients that make me break out. This has been  working for me and now I am just dealing with scarring. Its just trail and error. I


Here is a list of some of the products I use

oil of olay for sensitive skin daily moisturizer

Smashbox photofinish primer

Clinique superbalanced foundation

Cover fx cream foundation- only as spot treatment for scarring and acne.



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