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Help!! Large pores!

I need to know if anyone knows of an a pore minimizer! Or anyways to get smaller pores, because in the summer my pores expand like 50X in size! I know benefit has a pore minimizer but it is a little pricey. Please help I have 2 big events  that I am attending and big pores  are not on the list of what I want to wear!


Re: Help!! Large pores!

Hi beauty212 - you're so cute, I don't blame you, large pores are not my favorite accesory. There are soooooooo many products thatmake pores **appear** smaller. The second you stop treating them, they go back to the larger size, to my knowledge.


I have recently start using IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Pores - Poreless Finish. Micro Powder and so far I like it. I got it in a large kit from QVC it came with a coordinating  Bye-Bye Pores Concealer and some great brushes. The brushes came in their own plastic cylinders. I use the larger brush when I'm at home when I apply my makeup. Then I take the smaller brush with me, after I have loaded it with powder and placed it in it's case, if you don't have room in your bag just place it in a baggie. So, that's my quick fix.


My big, more longterm fix is Clarisonic, I love it! I have the Mia, (it's smaller, and I have small hands so it's easier to hold, it's also less expensive. You also have to buy 2 sets of brush head refills one for your face and one for your body.) If you have the funds, I think it's an excellent purchase and more than worth the money. Look around and try to find a sale, usually holidays, season changes and before college kids go back to school. Keep a close eye on QVC, they usually have a TSV that's a great value. I saw a funny comment from somebody yesterday, need to find it and get back to her.


There are tons and tons of products out there, everybody likes different things, so somethings are trial and error. You do need to find something good at night time after you use your Clarisonic Mia (if you can get it - any B'day's coming up? early X-mas?)

you should find a night time treatment. Not sure how old you are, if you're young (under 30, you don't need hardcore products,, just reputable brands that you read up on and find peoples comment.) If you use Bare Escentuals than their nighttime all=over face treatment might be an excellent starting point.


Another biggie.....SPF. Please, please use products with SPF. Some BE fndtn's and Bare Minerals have SPF. If you can find a day cream for your eyes, then use that and use a different one at bedtime.. Same thing with your face, neck and decolette. It makes such a HUGE difference, people don't understand. I have a friend, only in her mid-30's and has had to have so many spots removed from her face, neck, ears .....and this will be ongoing. So SPF yourself bigtime, all year round.


Hope this helped, if you need any more info please let me know. Sorry this is so long, I seem to get a little passionate about this kind of things. I suppose it's also part of my own fear, that I'll have similar issues down the road, I really hope not, but I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope you'll startgetting your own regimen started. Best of luck and hope you'll come back and let us know how you did with this. Have a great time at your upcoming events. Smiley Happy


ps there is a dry powder form SPF, trying to find the name for sure, might be Peter Thomas Roth, not 100% sure. have to do some looking around. Be well.


Re: Help!! Large pores!

Actually, I think the Benefit pore minimizer doesn't minimize pores. It just covers the pores with silica. However, it is a temporary solution. I don't concentrate on my pores as much, but I do think that toners help a lot in clearing your pores out, like the toners from Origins. You can also try various masks, such as Origins charcoal mask or my favorite from Target, the Boots Conditioning Clay Masque. Just make sure to look up various reviews on each product before heading to the store to purchase them. I hope this helps and good luck!

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