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Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

I need to cover up a bruise on my leg for a beach trip this weekend. I need advice about products and application. It's really important for anything that I use to be:

1) Undetectable

2) Waterproof

3) Transfer Resistant


Please help!

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

Thank you Thank you


Great Information

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

I had a huge dog bite bruise on my leg last Spring and here is some very helpful advice I got from @lylysa


"Follow this undertone/product guide to help conceal/neutralize the color:


If the bruising is more purple/eggplant, use a yellow based concealer or neutralizing product.


If the brusing is more blue/blue-violet, use a salmon or peached colored corrector.


If the bruising becomes green/grassy, use a red lipstick or pink based concealer.


You can look into products from MUFE's camoflauge cream palettes, Eve Pearl's Salmon Corrector/Concealer, Laura Mercier's camoflauge concealers, Benefit's Lemonaid (though it's meant for the lids, the yellow can be used to knock out purple tones), Bobbi Brown's correctors, to even including the use of a vitamin K cream. Vitamin K will help repair broken/leaky capilarries which are damaged, resulting in the brusiing.


Pat/dab the neutralizing color of your choice that best corrects the shade of bruising you have and then follow up with a super pigmented concealer. If you like liquids, Kat Von D, Amazing Cosmetics, and MUFE have great options. If you want a cream based concealer, try products from Cover FX, Benefit's Boi-Ing, or the MUFE camo creme palette.


Dermablend does offer great selections for super pigmented products too, ranging in stick concealers, liquids, and creams.


The important thing to do is dab and pat to blend out, you can even feather outer portions back to your skin by mixing a drop of moisturizer to thin down the formula so it's not as stark in contrast you're blending it out. Try to either wear a skirt or shorts to get color matched and test products in store as matching shades to your face/neck/hand might not be the same as your leg."


By that advice, I went with the Bobbi Brown concealer duo which is a creamy pigmented concealer and a powder to top it off. However, it did transfer a little. Dermablend is also great at full coverage and their website even says "for bruises, tattoos, etc." I didn't try that brand at the time though.

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

Thank you for the answers and for going through step by step details. I'm so glad that I asked this question. I was going to just buy a one step product like Dermablend Leg & Body Cover or MUFE Face & Body Makeup. I had no idea that the process was so much more complicated. Thanks for warning me. I have a full day to assemble all of these products and experiment with them. Hopefully I can get a flawless look, otherwise I'm staying home with pants on.

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

For a photoshoot, I had a friend cover up a large birthmark with MAC paint pots.


It stayed on, was waterproof and didn't get onto any of her clothes.  The only trick is to find one that is your skin tone, she matched Soft Ochre perfectly.

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

I saw this on a korean makeup show where the makeup artist mixed liquid foundation and powder foundation into a well blended paste. He patted it onto the face and it was undetectable!! Start off with a small amount until you get the right consistency since you wouldn't want it too thick! I've tried it on acne scars and it work Like magic!

Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

I did this for my face last summer after a mountain biking accident! I don't know how water proof it would have been but I topped it with good concealer/foundation and I bet if you used setting spay over it, it would last. I ended up getting: a yellow concealer stick, some mossy green eyeshadow, and an orange cream blush and using them to color correct then blending with concealer and set with powder. The eyeshadow and cream blush were the only products I could find in the right green and orange shades available without ordering special concealer online. You could see a little broken skin, but my bruise was literally invisible.



Re: Help! Does Anyone Know How To Cover A Bruise (Extra Points for Waterproof!)

Other than an airbrushed foundation, I don't know of too many products that can completely cover & last at the beach.  You can try the MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation or the Dior Airflash Foundation.  It isn't waterproof, however my experience with it has been water resistant, meaning I've been splashed by my kids poolside & still maintained my face 😉


A concealer with a yellow base is necessary. This has the thickest consistency and will be the most effective at covering up the bruise. The yellow color will offset the blue discoloring that most bruises have. It may also be helpful to get a concealer or makeup able to counteract the differing bruise colors.  A green based cosmetics for red bruises, white based cosmetics for brown bruises, and purple lavender based cosmetics for yellow bruises.

Carefully apply the concealer to the bruised area.Pat it into your skin carefully using a fingertip. Blend gently.  Repeat if the bruise is still visible.  To set, use a translucent powder to dust over the concealer or concealer and foundation.


It should last but just in case, I'd suggest keeping the concealer and powder handy to reapply as needed.  Good luck!!


xo, Mia


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