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Anonymous Insider

Help! Allergic reaction after using Clinique All about eyes

Hello everybody! 

I recently bought a little Clinique gift-set for my Mom as a present for Christmas. She's been using it for about a week now and the first few days were perfectly fine. She loved it and told me that the eye-creme had really helped her fine lines. But two days ago she woke up super puffy and swollen and her undereye area feels very dry. It feels itchy and her eyes are a little bit watery. We´ve seen a doctor and she told us it was nothing mayor, just an allergic reaction. 

I just want to know if that has happened before to someone else who used that eye-creme. Thanks! 

Re: Help! Allergic reaction after using Clinique All about eyes

I used this eye cream 1 time and later that evening my eyes started to itch and swell up. I washed my face thinking it would go down but when I woke up the next morning my eyes were so swollen I couldn't even open them. My whole face and part of my neck was also swollen and I have red blotchy skin . I ended up having to take a trip to the emergency room to get a prescription for prednisone and banophen for the allergic reaction I had from a little bit of eye cream under my eyes. It's now day 3 and I'm still suffering with being swollen and now serious dry patches all over my face. Itching, burning, swollen skin is no joke. I would not recommend this stuff to anyone. 

@imhannahg I don't know how Clinique gets the reputation...

@Anonymous I don't know how Clinique gets the reputation for being safe for sensitive skin. I've never been able to use their skincare products. I didn't experience the same reaction you described but I have had reactions. Sorry this happened to you but you are not alone!
Anonymous Insider

Re: @imhannahg I don't know how Clinique gets the reputation...

Thank you for the reply! I really should have checked for more reviews before I purchased the set, but well I guess next time I´ll do better. My mom will be happy to hear that she's not alone and that other people have had problems with the brand before. Theres definitely not going to be Clinique under the Christmas tree next year, that´s for sure. 

Re: Help! Allergic reaction after using Clinique All about eyes

I had a reaction to a different Clinique product, I felt so silly for checking afterwards, but their ingredients list contains so much, they use more chemicals than a lot of other skin care companies in their products. Sorry about that reaction! Have you and your mom gone to exchange the products for something different?

Anonymous Insider

Re: Help! Allergic reaction after using Clinique All about eyes

Hey! Thanks for your reply. Sadly, exchanging products isn´t that easy when ordering online from Germany. It didn't cost a fortune, so it´s okay and I´m honestly just glad that my mom´s undereye area is back to normal now. It did take a few days, but I´m happy that she's fine again, because I felt really bad. Well I´m definitely not going to purchase any Clinique skincare items anymore. It´s really sad that they add so many chemicals and I really wonder how they manage to keep their reputation for making skincare for sensitive skin. 

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