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HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?




Hi everyone, i have had these small bumps on my face ever since i can remember. I do not usually get normal pimples, i will sometimes get an “inside” pimple that won’t come to a head on my cheeks/hairline. But i want to know if these bumps are closed comodones or fungal acne. they do not itch but when i pop them a small amount of white puss comes out. they only really appear on my cheeks/jawline and sometimes on my forehead. i have tried using salicylic acid and ninacinamide and it makes my skin breakout more. i know my  cheeks are extremely red, that is another problem in itself! 

Re: HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?

I’ve had this on my forehead. I don’t know what it is as I’ve never asked a dermatologist and just assumed it was keratosis pilaris. They’re now gone I’m happy to say. I use a few different products, but The Ordinary Lactic Acid took care of those bumps for me. I can’t reconnect it enough. It’s only 7 bucks too. 

Re: HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?

@leevals30  I really think you need to see your dermatologist and possibly your regular doctor.  You may actually have two separate conditions that occur at the same time.

This is not a diagnosis, but what you have on your face looks like what one of my kids gets on the arms- keratosis pilaris.  I don't know if that's it, but it's probably worth mentioning to your doctors.  I've attached an article in a spoiler to see if it might be similar to what you are experiencing.  The pictures don't match your skin exactly, nor do they my kid's skin, so good to ask the doctors about it.

Your skin does look very inflamed.  I would use the bare minimum of products on it while waiting for an appointment. Cerave is a good brand to use for sensitive skin; they have a whole line of products that are easily available.  Our dermatologist recommended them to us.

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 22-36-09 Keratosis pilaris of the cheeks - Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Options.png

Re: HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?

This looks very similar to what I have. I was diagnosed with rosacea by my derm but honestly I’m convinced the small bumps are fungal acne!! I’ve never had this before - prob the last 2-3 years . So annoying!! Let me know if you find anything that works 

Re: HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?

@leevals30  I noticed you mentioned seeing a dermatologist and having a reaction to what they prescribed you. Please note that (to my knowledge) no BIC members are dermatologists, so we can't diagnose your skin condition. Rather than throw even more products at your skin (well, aside from sunscreen which you should definitely use), your best bet is to go back to your derm, explain the reaction you had to your Rx, and ask for another treatment option. 


Be sure to ask your derm what kind of changes you should expect to see with whatever they prescribe you, and in what timeframe. Also ask them "if this doesn't work, what's the next step?" I'm a big advocate of asking doctors lots of questions: you've got an expert's ear during your appointment so you might as well take advantage and get your money's worth. 🙂 Plus, many docs wish patients would ask more questions anyway. Get as much info from your derm as you can. 


I hope you find a treatment plan that works for you! 

Re: HELP! fungal acne or closed comodones ?

thanks dalton! i’ll have to try Paulas choice, I’ve seen a lot of good things from that brand. Sadly i did consult a dermatologist last year and what they gave me made me breakout more! I’ll have to take a second crack at it though. Do you have any good sunscreen recommendations that are good for sensitive skin?

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