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Glam Glow reviews anyone??

So I've been considering trying Glam Glow because I see it advertised as a quick fix, etc.... I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and if you recommend it. I am not going to spend $69 without trying it first or hearing what other women have to say. Thanks!!!

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

If you're considering making an online order anytime soon, the black container (YouthMud tinglexfoliate treatment) and the glamglow eye mask are available for samples with checkout. May be a good way to sample these two before you commit.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

I've tried all 3 ... so here's my two cents on GlamGlow.


My favorite of all 3 is the black container, the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate treatment. I have extremely sensitive skin, so this one scared me the most because it claimed to tingle and I normally haaate that. Tingling usually = my skin feels like it's burning off my face. While this one does tingle, it isn't painful. But the best part of this mask is the exfoliating beads when you wash it off. Never have I everrrr tried an exfoliator this awesome. My face feels SO CLEAN and SO soft afterwards.


My second favorite is the white, SuperMud Clearing treatment. First time I used it, I didn't understand the hype. Then I used it again. I realized how much smoother my skin looked, and for the first time, a product made my pores look smaller! No, it's not a miracle product for acne or blackheads. I still had some blackheads around my nose after, but overall my face looked smoother with smaller pores.


Lastly, is the ThirstyMud Hydrating treatment. This has been waaaay too hyped up if you ask me. I used it two nights in a row (slept in it overnight for an even more hydrating treatment) and it did nothing. If you want a hydrating treatment something like Josie Maran's argan oil or hydrating milk serum. Both are great. This is the mask I'd say don't waste your money on. It has a smell I don't particularly like, it has weird hints of coconut and banana and I really am not a fan. 


The duo is the best bang for your buck, with their best two masks in my opinion.


If you're still not sure, get samples at your local sephora Smiley Happy that's how I tried the ThirstyMud mask.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

GlamGlow, the white jar, didn't work for me, unfortunately.  I had severe cystic acne and heard so much hype about it, so I tried it out. It was okay.  It didn't make my skin better, but it didn't make it worse. That's okay, but that's not worth the $69 price tag for me, so I returned it.  For the record, I tried it once a week for 4 weeks.  


For or moderate and minimal acne, I could see it working.  But for severe cystic acne, I guess the cysts were too strong.. LOL


PS: The tea leaves hurt so badly when they stick to your face. It's like peeling off a bandaid. AHHH!

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

I think GlamGlow is nice...but I prefer my Lush fresh face masks (more budget friendly and they have their recycling program which you can use to get a free mask). My favorite mask was the Supermud. I felt it did help get rid of the nasty stuff out of my pores. My skin felt very smooth afterwards too. Both masks were tingly, but not painful to me. I have also tried the Thirstymud. It smells amazing (like coconuts). I used it on a few dry patches on my didn't completely resolve them but it did help..but for the price I can find other things that are more moisturizing and for way less. The only thing I didn't like from their entire line was the eye mask/ burned so bad I had to wipe it off it. 


If you really want to give them a try, I ended up going to Glamglow directly and they have a sample kit you can order. You get two packets each of the supermud and the youthmud as well as 2 packages of the eye mask for like $11 or $12 (shipping included). I manage to get two uses out of each foil package so it was a nice way to try everything.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Yikes get a sample first before you buy it. I'm trying it out now and it hurts so bad!! I didn't realized their were leaves in it at first and I thought mine had like burned the foil it was it. 

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Which one did you try? youthmud does that to me but the supermud doesn't

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

It was the youthmud. I saw that it was suppose to tingle but I thought maybe it went bad. I watched some YT videos and they said it hurt and was suppose to have chunks, so I am trying it again.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

yea i definitely didn't like that one, it burned awful. I use the super mud and I mix it up with a toothpick and use a flat fdn brush to apply it. Then i let it dry 10-12 min , i use the same brush to wet the top layer and partially remove it and then i rinse it all off

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

I am getting married soon, so I went ahead and invested in the full size. I have VERY oliy skin and blackheads very often. I have only used it twice, but my skin felt very good afterwards, in fact after talking about it, I think I will use it now!


I dont find it to be super drying like others have said, but again my face is generally very oily. I do still use a light moisturizer after just to balance the skin.


Hope you like it! Smiley Happy

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Hi Qmgirl-


I also tried it! I got a sample of it with one of my orders. It was very interesting, nothing like anything I've ever tried before. It feels like a scrub but it dries quickly on your face. (it will feel a bit tight for a few minutes). When I took it off, my skin did feel a lot cleaner. I agree, I just rinsed with water and next time i'll also use a wash clothSmiley Happy It was a bit thick just to remove with water alone.

<3 Melissa

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

It's really great! We have a tester jar in the office. I made myself a sample to take home. It did a supurb job of leaving my skin ultra refreshed. I will say this though, it is a tiny bit difficult to get off. I would recommend covering your face with a warm wet wash cloth for about a minute or so then using it to remove the mask.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Thanks Janine! I havent had much time to take part in the chats lately- working late and not sleeping much. Smiley Sad But anyway I am catching up now. lol I finally receive a sample of glam glow and will try to use it this week. I will take your advise about using the warm cloth! Thanks!

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Thanks everyone. I am definitely going to get a sample before buying. So now I need to know whats the differnece between the black one and they white (or gray) one?

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

One is more exfoliating than the other. You can read the descriptions. If you are planning to buy, you can get both (full size white and 1/3 size black) in this kit (more bang for your bucks):

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

It does a very good job of tightening pores and reducing some redness and raised pimples that aren't quite ready. I can see it vacuuming out the oil.  Downside is that it is SUPER drying and feels rather harsh in my opinion (and I'm an oily person).  It does a lovely job as a quick fix, just don't overuse it and use plenty of moisturizer afterwards or something to replenish natural oils.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??



Sorry for the caps/exclamation points except I'M NOT SORRY BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING.


I huge pores on my nose and they often look like little black dots even though I'm very fair. I also have mild acne on my cheeks and chin. I apply the Glamglow mask and let it sit for about 15 minutes. You can literally see the mask vacuuming out your pores and oil. It can be really messy because it has little bits of charcoal in it that help with extracting the bad stuff out of your pores. Other people complain about the scent but I actually like the scent.


I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since using it about twice a week. Since it is so expensive, you should get a sample! I believe the online store is sending out free samples so just order something cheap and select that free sample during checkout!


Honestly, it's worth the money. I tried both the Origins charcoal mask and Murad's clarifying acne mask but neither came close to the results Glamglow's gave me. You can also use it as a spot treatment on problem areas every night if you wanted to.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

I have tried it, and it is good. But for $69....I don't know.


I tried the white one I believe, the grey with exfoliating particles. It goes on kind of like Origins charcoal, it's grey and I can feel it drawing stuff out of my face, it rinses off and makes my skin feel clean/fresh. It does have some kind of mud grain bits thing so that when you rinse/rub it off, it gently exfoliates, thus making your skin super smooth.  I already have and enjoy Origins Charcoal mask, BUT a fine, thorough but gentle exfoliator is hard to find (Dr. Brandt microderm is the only exfoliator that wows me, but it's $78), so I will consider it for the $$ off promo in the fall, but otherwise my skin will survive with my clinique exfoliator.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

I haven't tried it, but I wouldn't really be sold on something just because it's advertised as a "quick fix", I mean sure there are products that you try once and can be blown away by, but calling it a quick fix to me is a bit misleading.


There was just a sample of it available this morning with any online order (in the 3 free samples choices) but now it's not there anymore. Try to keep your eye out on the free sample options so you can snag it up to try or stop by your local Sephora and see if you can get a sample.

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

Thanks for that!! I dont need a quick fix really but I'm curious to see what the big deal is with this product. I will def look out for the sample again. Too bad I missed it. And of course I was at Sephora this morning and didn't think to ask for a sample. I think I will do that tonight. Smiley Wink lol

Re: Glam Glow reviews anyone??

It was crazy because it wasn't even a couple of hours ago that it was on the sample list! Smiley Tongue


You should post in thread I started last week of items you're looking to try/buy!


Then, when you get a sample, post your review and even photos if you take any to share with the forum! Mia, one of the Mods even posted that Glam Glow is something she's been wanting to try. I'm sure if you get a chance to sample it, your review would be super beneficial to us!

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