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Getting rid of puffy under eyes

For as long as I can remember I've had puffy under eyes. I don't really have issues with dark circles as much as general puffiness.


I know it doesn't help that I tend to pound water right before I go to sleep - something I've been doing since I was very little. So I'm willing to accept what that creates but would love any ideas or products that can quickly eliminate under eye puffiness and tighten that skin back up. 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

Yeah I think 10 minutes might turn into at least 30 haha And then falling back asleep and being late for work. 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

But showing up looking gorgeous and rested! Smiley Happy Everyone will be jealous.

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

Just give a fierce hair flip, Kevin! 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

"Good morning everyone!" 

"Kevin, It's already noo-"

*hair flip in their face* 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

I can totally picture this, and the funny thing is, no one can be mad...cuz you have some darn great hair! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

Haha awww thanks Lylysa! Smiley Happy

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

There are many approaches to resolve puffiness in the undereye area.


Caffeine is a quick fix as it serves as a diuretic which promotes drainage to cut down on fluid retention, an at-home remedy is using tea bags (I recommend black or green, black has the most caffeine), steeping them and squeezing out excess water and laying relatively warm bags over closed eyes (be sure bags aren't too hot, they should be comfortable to the touch, especially when laid over such a delicate area) to depuff. Plus you get a cup to tea to enjoy in the process.


Other at-home remedies include applying a chilled spoon to the eye area or even using things like a bag of frozen peas, the concept behind this is the same as applying ice or something cold to a swollen area. Many eye treatments now have metal applicators which also aid in providing that chilling sensation (you can also keep eye products in the fridge for this reason).


Cucumber and aloe are two ingredients known to soothe puffiness. The core temperature of a cucumber is actually always lower than its surrounding environment so that lends a hand to the cooling concept.


Rollerball packaging is also popular on the market, the massaging action aids in promoting fluid drainage in a delicate enough matter as to not damage the undereye skin but still aids in flushing out fluid build up.


Ole Henriksen recently relaunched and reformulated his Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, this intensive PM treatment is a thicker gel (if you do use it for day, use a very fine amount to ensure it absorbs well) that combines soothing cucumber, aloe, and calendula with peptides that aid in firming/depuffing and strengthening the undereye area. This product is also safe for upper lids.


Rollerball treatments are offered from First Aid Beauty (includes caffeine, metal roller, and peptides), Clinique (caffeine and anti-oxidant blend), and Origins (aloe and healing mushroom extract with a metal roller). Ole hand a roller at one time (even available in a kit with a mini Ultimate Lift Eye Gel before it was reformulated) and you may want to check stores if this kit is still available as a great AM and PM combo. Rollerballs tend to be thinner in texture even though they also are gel-like formulas compared to the Ole gel mentioned above.



Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

I hope you type like an absolute maniac with the way you have such long, eloquent responses. I hope, for your sake, that they don't take as long to type out as they would for most! 


I too type like a maniac (about 100wpm), I just don't have the encyclopedia of knowledge that you're blessed with! Smiley Happy 


Should I expect that the puffiness is due to water retention, or is there some other cause that could be causing it? 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

There can be a slew of reasons, it is possible that your body may just function to retain more water compared to others, but even things like stress, tiredness, allergies, the environment can all contribute to puffiness.


It doesn't take much at all to type things out, in fact, the quicker I can type and get a response out, the quicker I can help Smiley Very Happy!

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

I have all of those things! What do I win?! 


Oh yeah, puffiness! Smiley Tongue

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

Smiley Tongue


There's tons of ways to pamper puffy eyes so at least you'll never be stuck with just one method! Smiley Tongue


I have the Ole gel for night and love the Origins roller for morning and to even keep in my bag with me.

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

I can get behind those recommendations! I have the OH Vitamin C eye cream, but have issues with using it at night because I feel like it seeps into my eyes. I'm not sure if I just need to use eye cream earlier so I'm not laying down while it's still absorbing or what? 


I'd also like to find something that won't get cranky if it's applied shortly after the Philosophy retinol pads.


Oh, and I used the Philosophy Take A Deep Breath this morning before walking my dogs and my skin actually feels great! Ended up being about a half hour between moisturizer and foundation (which I also took more time to shake up and got better consistency out of). I won't necessarily always have time for that gap between moisturizer and foundation, but it's good to know that it's possible! Smiley Happy

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

Avoid applying the eye cream or eye products too close to the lash line, keep it more on the undereye/orbital bone portion:


The above thread outlines this with a visual. Smiley Happy


Retinol may be tricky to navigate around, especially if you're still learning your tolerance and how it may interact with your current regimen. Try giving ample time inbetween and cross compare active ingredients to be sure nothing too stimulating or potent is immediately layered on top.


That's great that the TADB moisturizer works for your skin! Try to see if primer makes a difference in the time frames, play around with it for sure and keep me posted if need be!

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

This is good information about eye creams. I guess I'm just getting it too close to my eyes. I never think to go up that high either, but I tend to apply it where the puffy bags form in hopes it will tighten that area... clearly that's not what I should be doing! 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

The eyes are a delicate area so it's important to be very careful and practice caution. The at-home remedies like the cold spoon, frozen peas, and tea bags are a bit easier to cover more ground compared to an eye cream/treatment that it fortified with many for ingredients and factors that absorb in, but even trailing an eye product out the outer corners can be beneficial especially in terms of issues like fine lines or wrinkles. Products aren't normally designed for use on the lid itself so it's important to keep an eye out on instructions and packaging. Most creams and such can be applied on the brow bone portion, but avoid the lid unless deemed safe.

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

I never go onto the lid, but I definitely am guilty of going inside the orbital bone to the puffy area and out to the corner of my eye in hopes of curbing wrinkles/smile lines. 


Basically all the areas below my eye that I'm not supposed to put it on. Smiley Tongue


But I did put that new OH eye cream you mentioned on my loves list to keep track of it. I was really worried that my OH Total Truth eye cream was going to have to go because the vitamin C was just too harsh for under my eyes, but really I just need to pull it away farther from my eyes. 

Re: Getting rid of puffy under eyes

You can still certainly apply products underneath the eye, but just avoid getting too close to the lashline itself. Basically, try to use your bottom lashes as a guide and not go past/into that area the lashes skim.


Perhaps you can even try spanning out the vitamin C eye cream. If it's the one with SPF, try saving it just for morning use. Again, don't be afraid to play around with time frames and find out what works best for you. Smiley Happy



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