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Fungal acne vs rosacea


Hi all, 


I have been dealing with these bumps all over my cheeks, upper cheek bone and side of eyes/temple area for a few years now. The dermatologist prescribed my doxycycline to take 2x a day orally , a sulfacidamide wash 2x and metronidazole 2x to treat rosacea but I’m honestly not seeing an improvement. The redness looks like rocasea but it’s more of the tiny bumps all over that I want to address. Remind me more of a fungal acne or something. Does anyone have similar or have been prescribed a similar remedy?


thank you! 

Re: Fungal acne vs rosacea

@ccd123  I’ve experienced something similar. What products are you using on your face? How long have you been taking the medication? Do you have a follow up appointment?

Re: Fungal acne vs rosacea

thanks for the reply!! 

I’ve been only using the prescribed and then cereve night cream on the 


My derm also prescribed me doxycycline oral antibiotics but I don’t really want to take an antibiotic 2x a day. I tried it before and it didn’t help. I just don’t know if I have rosacea or if it’s something else. The redness makes me think and my doctors rosacea but all of these tiny bumps makes me think fungal. What do you have going on? 

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