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Fresh products

I have both Fresh Rose mask and Sugar Face Polish. Can I use both of them at the same time like one after the other?

 If not, what are the correct ways to use them together or seperately?

Re: Fresh products

I have both and these are two of my favorite products. They are helping my sensitive and dry skin.
You may use them together but I don't think it's necessary. If you prefer though, use the face Polish first, and finish off with the rose mask.
This mask can be used everyday. Leave on 15 minutes then rinse. I use it at night before sleep. I would skip it on the day I use the Polish.
Gently massage the Polish on your face. Rubbing in circular motion1 or 2 minutes, focus on the wing of your nose, chin, area you feel needing exfoliation. I leave on the face Polish for a short five minute before washing it off. It gives a nice finish, feels like you have put on some super hydrating lotion without feeling greasy. Sometimes it seems like you are not rinsing it thoroughly!
Use both on a cleansed face, followed by your moisturizer.

Re: Fresh products

Im not one for using two products like these at the same time, Id alternate or so every couple of days.  My face can get irritated easily and or break out.  It doesnt say online if the tow are okay to use on the same day, but you could try if your face isnt as sensitive.   

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