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Foundation for eczema skin

I have very sensitive skin with eczema, which often makes my skin red and blotchy. I've used a variety of foundations, including a tinted mosturizer from Josie Maran, and a NARS foundation that's been discontinued. I currently use the Mabelline Fit foundation, but I want something with a big more converage but is also very hydrating. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Things to look for when dealing with blemished skin:   1....

Things to look for when dealing with blemished skin:


1. Oil Free Formula

2. Antioxidant Rich Formula

3. In some cases, a sun-screen free formula

4. Lightweight Formula

5. Fresh Formula ( Far from expiration date)


You want to look for foundations with infused soothing ingredients such as chamomile, aloe-vera, primrose oil, vitamin c, green tea etc. If your going the natural route..avoid ingredients like pepper, peppermint, menthol, ginger. A good foundation to try is the Korres Rose Foundation. However, its important to realize that if you are dealing with eczema there might be an internal issue that cannot be fixed by the use of product; perhaps, a hormone imbalance of some sort. I'm not a doctor or anything but try boosting your intake of omega fatty acids, taking primrose oil pills or drinking herbal tea. I know ezcema is something your born with but doing stuff like that really does help the flair ups, I have ezcema and have less breakouts when I do what I jst said.Some quick skincare advance a use of retinol or vitamin A might help increase cell turnover dramatically and help with the bumps before you put on foundation. You could also look into Tarte's line of foundations..and their marujku oil helps to balance the skin.

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