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Forget head & shoulders! let's talk feet & Toes!

Anyone have a good suggestion for foot care lotions creams treatements etc. I'm on my feet enough to have acquired some lack for a better phrase weathered feet. I want something easy but cuts through the callouses and dry patches and dry lines on the bottom of my feet I'm only twenty six though my feet don't look it by the way I've taken care of them by day to day life. i want to treat them right as I only get one pair of feet for life. I'm already pigeon toed don' t need ugly dry feet to go with it. Smiley Sad  anyways I'm wondering what's worked for others. right now my routine is using bar soap, curel foot thearapy lotion and putting socks on afterward to lock in the moisture. but I can't say I'm happy with the results.

Re: Forget head & shoulders! let's talk feet & Toes!

Sounds like that will keep it softer but, just like everywhere else, if you want to get rid of callouses and dry patches, you should exfoliate. You can use a pumice bar for quick result, but my favorite is:

- soaking my feet in hot/warm water for 15-20min (I put True Blue Spa Lavender&Chamomile foot soak in, you can also put a couple drop of oil for hydration or something)

- body scrub or pumice bar. I use pumice bar on the callouses, but not super hard cuz I don't want to hurt my feet, then use body scrub all over the feet.

- rinse then put on a nice thick cream. I use body butter (BBW or Body Shop) generously in the winter, or body cream in the summer. Then put on socks afterward.


That works for me, always. I usually do it over an episode of Colbert Report. Perfect timing. =P

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