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Foot Scrub?

I tend to get dry peeling skin on the bottoms on my feet (mainly the soles). I currently use the Revlon pedicure set which removes dead dry skin from your feet as well as The Body Shop Peppermint foot scrub. I have had the Revlon set for a while and want to replace it.


Does anyone have any suggestions on foot scrubs (preferably peppermint) and foot scrubbers (like pumice or other)?

Re: Foot Scrub?

Check out Earth Therapeutics' Cooling Foot Scrub:


It contains tea tree oil (which has anti-bacterial,fungal, and antiseptic qualities), wild mint oil and evergreen, and uses apricot shell powder, jojoba beads, and pumice particles to exfoliate. The body can take a bit more gruff in terms of using scrubs with particles such as sugars and fruit seed powders (unlike our face), and this one packs a punch. 


You can also always formulate your own scrub at home! Take an exfoliating/physical agent (table sugar, salt, sea salt, or my fave which is turbinado sugar) and mix it in with a carrier oil like grape seed oil, jojoba oil, or safflower oil (which helps mimick natural fatty acids in our skin to keep well moisturized), and a few drops of essential oil of your choice (perfect time to add in peppermint). You can always get fancy and crush up fresh mint leaves or even add in some honey or raw oatmeal (honey is a humectant and also has anti-bacterial properties and oatmeal is gentle on skin but still helps exfoliate).

Re: Foot Scrub?

My grandma passed down her trick she has really amazing "pretty feet" I do it know also on my elbows and it seems to work..

Get a lime and sugar, squeeze the lime to get enough sugar to settle into it and then scrub feet, elbows any other areas that tend to accumulate dead skin.. this is your pumice Smiley Happy hope it helps.

Re: Foot Scrub?

I might have to try this one.

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