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Folliculitis scarring and dark spots


So I had a really horrible summer last year which caused a lot of stress and anxiety obviously resulting in acne + my adhd/ocd/anxiety-response picking. My dermatologist said that the scarring on my legs and butt are likely from folliculitis. She prescribed me 100mg doxycycline twice a day and clindamycin gel. I've been taking the doxycycline and using the gel for a little over a month and I'm seeing results as far as my acne is concerned, but the scars are still there and I'm not seeing much change. I should mention that the scars are not keloid scars, they are completely flat. 


How can I get rid of folliculitis scarring on my legs and butt and how can I prevent it from happening again? I got laser hair removal all over my body as a prevention measure (which I am very blessed to have the ability to do, of course), and my last session was quite recently -- is this an effective measure or will it not do anything? 



Re: Folliculitis scarring and dark spots

These are definitely not keloid scars, but rather PIH post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I would suggest a combination of a solid peel to help with rapid exfoliation followed by a skin lightener for the body. Melapeels are great for rapid exfoliation and I would follow up with exfolase and luminase skin lighteners for the body. Good luck.


Avoid harsh chemicals, lasers, and inflammatory skincare.

Re: Folliculitis scarring and dark spots

@carolynconron have you asked your derm about the scarring, she should be able to recommend something? I wouldn't want to recommend something that would interact with the clindamycin. Products including AHAs and Retinol can help fade discoloration. Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum with Retinol and AHAs 5 oz / 150 mL  or The Chemistry Brand Retin-Oil are good options. I would definitely recommend asking your doc first, though.

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