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Flaky Skin Around Lips

I've been struggling with this problem since the end of August. Recently, the skin around my upper and lower lips has been dry and flaky. 


I've been using CeraVe cleanser for my face with a Clarisonic brush very gently on my face for about a year now. I then hydrate my face with CeraVe PM Lotion for night and Eusarin Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 for the day. I've never had a problem with either of the products and this problem with the skin around my lips has never happened before. 


Right now, I'm trying to keep it hydrated as best as possible. It's less flaky and dry than it was in August but its not going away. 


Any advice?

Hi luckyrabbit,   It might be that you are getting to clo...

Hi luckyrabbit,


It might be that you are getting to close to your lips with the clarisonic and that is causing the flaking around your lips. The skin around your lips is more delicate than the rest of your face.

Use a lip scrub (brown sugar + honey +olive oil, or old t...

Use a lip scrub (brown sugar + honey +olive oil, or old toothbrush/towel+vaseline/lip balm) to get rid of the flakes, then apply thick lipbalm liberally on the lips and around the border where it gets flaky (I like rose salve, fresh sugar lip, or Jack Black). Yes it may look like you ate something oily, well, if the dryness isn't that bad, apply a very thin layer and no one will see. I get dry/flaky/cracked lips and that's what I do.


Something else I do, don't know if it helps or is just me being weird, but after eating an apple or pear, I like rubbing my lips on the core portion before throwing it in the trash, and it makes my lips smooth. I then wipe my lips, or rinse, and apply lip balm.

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