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First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

Hey ladies! Smiley Happy

I noticed that Korres Sleeping Facials were on your lists for the sale and there are quite a few of us who indulged in them over VIBTOPIA! Smiley Happy 

What are your first impressions? I thought it'd be fun to share out and talk about how we feel about them. 

I tried both the Greek Yogurt Trio and the Korres Wild Rose 100pt perk and I'm trying to decide which I like better! They're both wonderful and super-hydrating and I love the invigorating tingle I get when I apply them. 


Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I have only used the yogurt sleeping facial and I love it. 

Pros: My skin is softer than it has ever been. There is no flaking. The texture of my skin when I wake up is amazing. 

Cons: It smells like grandma perfume when you first apply it, but the smell dissipates quickly.

Over all I love it and would highly recommend it.  

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I got samples of the Greek Yogurt one with a few orders, but I ended up purchasing the Wild Rose set. I liked the Greek Yogurt because it made my face soft and hydrated, but I also have face creams that can do the same thing so I was hoping for a little more with the Wild Rose.


I've only used it once, but the Wild Rose did make my face feel a little warm, but not uncomfortable, shortly after I put it on (though it was with the Greek Yogurt as well). I didn't like the rose smell, but it also didn't bother me enough to not use it.  I did feel like the rose was more hydrating and richer, which I really liked. I'm not sure about the brightening effect, at least not yet, but my skin was much softer than when I used the Greek Yogurt sleeping facial. Overall I'm really happy that I chose the wild rose, but I think you can't go wrong with either.

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I'd recommend the yoghurt one for you.Even though I prefer the Rose scent, the yoghurt is more for inflammation and balancing. The wild rose, as I've been told is more anti aging and is too heavy for me. 

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I only have the WR one, as the greek yogurt will be too hydrating for me. I first used Korres provided samples (from Sephora sample bags)..was red at first (I already have some redness), but that dimmed down after a few days of use, annoying pimples went down overnight. The full size (or as I bought a set.. months before Sephora's went live) seems a bit different. I have not noticed a strong smell, I no longer get red, acne does heal quicker.


Never noticed a tingle, as you mentioned, mary.

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I have only tried the rose, and almost threw it out after night one because of the powerful scent.  I tried it again a few days later and now have been using it for a couple of weeks.  It is very hydrating and soothing , and even the scent has grown on me.

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I got a sample of the rose and I did throw it out after one use.  The smell is really strong and it smells like rotting roses to me.

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

The Yogurt one is pretty amazing- I used that after my skin started going crazy, riddled with acne all over a few years ago! I was like... um, I am 26 not 16!!! It helped calm everything down and definitely helped out with the flakiness that the topical acne spot treatment left.


I too also love the Wild Rose, especially now because now I am left with all of this hyper pigmentation that I am super self conscious about because before I had nearly perfect skin with the occasional blemish here and there. I just got it and I haven't seen a major difference yet... fingers crossed!!! The smell doesn't bother me too much (but I can't smell that well because I am suffering from some indoor allergies too!) 

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I am pretty impressed. I have a hard time finding a thicker winter moisturizer that doesn't completely overwhelm the oily parts of my face. I thought the wild rosebrightened and it also really hydrated the area around my mouth/nose that gets dry and dull looking. I prefer the rose over the yogurt even though the rose smell can be a bit much but I've kind of come to like it. I am thinking about getting the full size during the next sale! I personally enjoyed this more than my maracuja.

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I used both and loved them, but may use them as a summertime only creme. I find that they are both great initially, but  my maracuja oil makes my face look better in the morning. The scent was great on both but I don't see myself purchasing them just because I like maracuja better for the winter months. 

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

I got the 100pt perk for the Korres Wild Rose, and used it last night. I didn't notice a difference in brightness and have had better luck with my HG moisturizer Tarte's Maracuja Oil. The smell really got to me, I'm definitely not a fan of the overly powered rose scent. I think it smells a bit like "grandma's perfume" and to leave that on my face the entire night. No thanks! For reference, I am 24 with acne-prone / combo skin. 


I have yet to try the Greek Yogurt one, think I would like that one much better for when I need plenty of moisture this winter. 

Re: First Impressions - Korres Sleeping Facials

anyone have the link for both perks? i couldn't find it on the old board

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