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Feet Care

For years I used Dr. Scholl's Overnight Cream, in the UK. When moved into US I found out the moisturizer with the same name wasn't the same product. I've tried many creams before, and nothing really was close to that one. Now, even the substitute I found from Dr. Scholl's has been discontinued. So, I'm back on the market looking for some potent feet cream.


Using feet cream during the day only causes mess and blisters. I prefer a highly potent product, to be used overnight, wearing cotton socks to absorb it better and not leave my sheets greasy. Any suggestions on daily exfoliant for use in the shower, also welcome.


No major problems here. I'm looking for an effective daily care for feet exposed in sandals and flip flops during summer, something to help it look good without the need for a monthly pedicure.

Re: Feet Care

Aquafor is the best for so much- I was first told to use it when crutches split open my arms (oww).  I rub it on my heels and cuticles with socks.

Re: Feet Care

I used to get monthly pedi's but that's just because I'm really rough on my feet. I run around barefoot and it makes for some nasty, calloused feet. I did start coating my feet with coconut oil at night and throwing on my pink fuzzy socks and I wake up with the softest tootsies. And then once a week, I'll soak my feet in warm water, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, and a few drops of essential oil for 15ish minutes and then do a quick scrub made from honey and coffee grounds. I really don't think you need to spend a lot of money on special treatments for your feet. I'm down to pedicures every 2-3 months now. And then with all that money I save, I get to splurge on other things.. Like more Sephora!

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