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This is a little bit off topic, but its still beauty related.  I have recently been researching facials and the idea of getting a facial seems nice, but very pricey.  So, I'm wondering if it is worth it? What exactly will a facial do to help key skin.  I have a few blemishes on my chin as well as above my lip near my Cupid's bow.  


Also, has anyone ever gotten a facial done at a student clinic for a beauty school? They're considerably cheaper because obviously it's a student, but I'm wondering if that's still a valid option. Thanks for the help! 

Re: Facials

Hey as someone who is going into a cosmetology program next year I wanted to assure you that the kids are under a mass amount of supervision, we have to be very sterile or else we don't get hours, we get fined if we are missing anything (it's a $50 fine), and no student is allowed to work of a paying customer until they get it perfect. This is just a high school program so if you go to an actual beauty school they may be different.

Re: Facials

I live in a part of the country where facials are a little more economical (as opposed to California or New York).  I occasionally have a hormonal pimple or two, but can always squeeze sebum from my nose.  They never form pimples but will show as little white bumps through my foundation. Biore Strips didn't work at all!. 


For the past several months, I have had the pores on my nose vacuumed. First, I did it every two weeks and now just every month.  It is relatively painless and does remove a lot of sebum.  It is a small nominal charge to a deep cleansing facial since I'm only having my nose vacuumed.  Not only has the vacuuming helped, but my whole complexion has improved.


Facials will improve your skin if you can afford them.  If I had a school near me, I would definitely go there.  I can't see them messing up too much on just a simple deep cleansing and extraction facial.  I would be leery of any type of chemical peels.  Be prepared for the extractions to be uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance.  The ones above my lip always make me tear up.  Hope this helps!

Re: Facials

I have a Massage Envy membership, and get monthly Murad facials through this.  With the membership, they come to about $70 a month, plus tip.  Regular facials really do improve skin quality, tone, and texture- professionals will use products which will have a higher percentage of active ingredients (such as a glycolic acid peel) than you will have access to at home. They are also trained to perform extractions without damaging your skin.  Sometimes, facials are not always painless (Personally, extractions don't bother me)   I think you get the most benefit from the procedures if you go regularly (monthly, bi monthly, etc) as a single facial will be nice but is just one step in an ongoing treatment for your skin.  The other thing that is nice about the Massage Envy membership is, if you decide you don't want a facial one month, you can always get a massage instead!

Re: Facials

I've had facials and they were not relaxing at all. I have acne-prone skin, and the extractions were painful. I've been to a few esthetician too, so the pain is in every facial. Even if you have a few pimples, a good esthetician will be extremely thorough. I remember the first time I got a facial, I looked like a tomato when I came out. A good esthetician will also extract so well, he/she won't leave scars. A lot of times the person will massage your face and cleanse your face thoroughly before the extraction process. Prior to the extractions, make sure the person will steam your pores, so your extractions are easier. On average, a good facial shouldn't be over $100 on average. While a part of me would say take a chance at a beauty school, you'll certainly be a guinea pig, and if it gets too relaxing, the person who is doing the extractions isn't being thorough enough. By the way, I learned the smaller the pimples are, the more painful they are to extract, and the cupid's bow area is very sensitive. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Facials

I would go to the school and give them a chance to learn.  Sometimes, you can find a student who is better than some people in upper class salons.  The key to this is to find someone who is compassionate about skincare and takes it seriously.  Otherwise, the student might rush through it.

Re: Facials

Hi @Kstrat. Getting Facials on a regular basis can benefit your skin. Try and look for a deep cleaning one, or acne facial. It's very relaxing. I went to cosmetology school and i had the estheticians give me facials all the time. It's perfectly safe. At schools with students they are very sanitary. I don't think i would actually pay the price some spas charge. Every now and then i still go to where i went to school and get facials. Getting a consultation will ensure they know what your concerns are and they will be able to cater to what your skin needs. I hope this helps you and you enjoy your facial!

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