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Facial peel or mask or both?

I have just recently started getting into skincare and have been using Dr. Dennis Extra Strength Alpha Beta peel and I love it.  I am usually a cynic about things like this, but they have truly worked for me after only a few applications.


I had a few small spots with hyperpigmentation that are now almost gone and my skin just looks better overall.


What are some peels/masks that had significant results for you?!

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

I'm a huge fan of the DDG Alpha Beta pads too!  Another product that isn't a peel or a mask per say, but gives the same kind of dramatic results in a very short amount of time, is the Intensive Exfolikate from Kate Somerville.  Absolutely whips the skin into shape- banishing breakouts, erasing hyperpigmentation, and smoothing the skin.

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

I love the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha/Beta  xtra strength peel pads too.   They have made a huge difference in my complexion.  I would give up a lot of things before I would do without them. 

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

i haven't used the dg extra strength yet but i love his regular peel.  on his website he has a BOGO of the extra strength peel 10 day application.  his site made it sound like the extra strength was going to be retired - or maybe it was just the 10 day extra strength application that would be retired. . . 

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

Oh - P.S. Glamglow TingleExfoliate Youth Mud for blackheads/tzone/pores/blemishes!


Also, my Clarisonic Aria has given me real results as well -- more even skin, better tone, gives a minimassage daily/increases circulation, fewer dry spots and less oil slicks.  Seriously love it for RESULTS.

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

I also LOVE the Dr DG Pads!  I agree, they show real results (and also, for me no irritation -- bonus).


Here are some other products I've found that also deliver for me:


Philosophy Microdelivery Enzyme Peel (pink acid/enzyme gel mask, smoother, clearer skin, clears pore gunk, helps blackheads).  I've used this for years and LOVE IT.  It really works.


I also love the Masks from DR.HAUSCHKA SKIN CARE.  I have used their Soothing, Rejuvenating, Moisturizing, and Firming masks.  I find them all soothing/good for sensitive skin, refining, softening, minimize pores, and leave me feeling toned and refreshed.  They also have a great scent which thank goodness doesn't irritate me or give me a headache.


I've been hearing about SEIKISHO Kose Mask White (and Black?), and am wanting to try those, but can't say for sure as I haven't tried them yet.  The white at least is a peel off mask to pull out impurities and blackheads, and I assume also lighten skin?

I see below Syd recommended something from DermaE brand -- and while I haven't tried that product, I was very happy with every other product from that brand that I used over the years.  They have a GREAT microdermabrasion scrub, glycolic cleanser, great moisturizers for sensitive skin, etc.


One last thing - not masks, but I find them really effective: For retinol products Algenist Firming and Lifting Serum is great for refining my pores, evening skintone/coloration, and reducing signs of aging.  Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal retinol creme is also awesome, and it's meant for use during the day -- for me it's the perfect amount of moisture, it is slightly pearl and reflects light, and leaves me SUPER soft and hydrated.  I used it as an overnight treatment and I saw results every morning - smoother, softer, plumper skin.


Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

Wow these are some great suggestions, thanks!  I made a list and am going to Sephora today- hopefully I can snag a few samples of these!

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

What is the primary issue you are trying to address with the mask? Based on your answer I may be able to give some more suggestions because I have used quite a few for different reasons.


Right now I am getting a 20% salicylic acid peel at my derm's office every 2 weeks, and I think it is really helping with post-acne marks and the few spots that I still get here and there.


I am also using the Glam Glow super mud mask once or twice a week, which is really helping to draw out any blackheads I may have. It also keeps larger spots from coming to the surface for me. This is the very best mask I have ever used because of its help with acne. The Origins charcoal mask is also quite good and was my favorite for a long time before I found Glam Glow.


Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

I am primarily concerned with keeping my skin healthy, elastic, and young looking! But masks that help draw out dirt and bad stuff sounds like fun too- even though I dont get too many pimples (knock on wood!).  I think I am definitely going to look into the GlamGlow mask- that seems to have helped alot of people.

Re: Facial peel or mask or both?

I use the DDG alpha beta pads too, they're great! I also use Der,a E evenly radiant overnight peel (AHAs) once a week. It's based on fruit acids, I really like what it does for my skin! Smiley Happy

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