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Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Everybody seems to be interested or using some facial oils. Here's a comparison of 6 non-cleansing ones that are <$70.Tada!

2013-01-27 20.13.47.jpg

For reference I have dry combination skin in the winter and used ~3-4 drops for my face. I have oily combination skin in the summer and this is a tad too heavy/moisturizing for me so I use gel cream. The smell for all of them kind of disappears after they absorb. From least to most hydrating/heavy:


Fresh Seaberry Oil: very thin, liquidy and lightweight. Have a slightly herbal scent. Sinks in fast but leaves almost nothing on the top layer, so it's not very protective but it doesn't interfere with anything else you plan to put on. Great for dehydrated oily/combo skin or as a serum for dry skin. It is an oil blend and contains fragrance. =/


Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum-oil: it has a thin gooey oil texture and takes a bit longer than Seaberry to sink in. It is great for hydration but not really for anti-aging (my tiny under eye wrinkle that appears every night did not disappear the next morning. It usually does if I use an anti-aging serum like Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Dior One Essential or Lancome). It has a slight citrus-lemon scent. It's not really an oil since the first ingredient is Squalane (a moisturizer) then soybean seed extract. It does have retinol and glycolic acid, so if you have an issue with either of those active ingredients, I suggest you google around a bit or get a sample before buying.


(New comer!) Boscia Tsubaki oil: ohhh, very light floral scent. It's thin and spreads easily, so you can apply sparingly if you don't need much. But it doesn't sink in and disappear completely like Seaberry, so it's a bit protective, too. However, it is not as thick or make the skin feel as plump/sturdy as Maracuja. Buuut, the light floral scent won over the potato chip scent of Tarte Maracuja. True to advertisement, the 1st ingredient is camelia/tsubaki oil, followed by other oils and extracts (no chemical/fragrance/problems from a quick skim of ingredients, all seems to be good stuff).


(New addition!) Marula oil: very mild herbal scent. The thickness is between Boscia Tsubaki and Tarte Maracuja, but honestly the difference is so subtle that it doesn't really matter between these 3 oil (unlike if you were to compare Fresh Seaberry and Argan oil). It's a bit thicker than Tsubaki but spreads/sinks in just as easily. It claims to be 99% marula with 1% essential oil blend, no fragrance or active ingredients there. The only possible problem is if you are severely allergic to lavender, which is the very last ingredient for Marula and Tsubaki oil, otherwise it's all good stuff.


Tarte Maracuja Oil: slightly thicker than Seaberry like Vit D serum-oil. It feels smooth going on rather than that thin greasy oily feel. Takes a bit longer to sink in and smells like potato chips oil (cooking oil). Unlike Seaberry that disappears, this makes the skin feel a tad more plump/sturdy/moisturized after it sinks in. It is advertised as 100% organic maracuja oil, so that's that.


Argan Oil: a tad thicker than Maracuja with a more gooey consistency, feels velvety on the face and takes the longest to sink in (but less than 1-2min). Great for dry skin or even combo skin in the winter. It doesn’t have much of a scent. If this feels too thick to rub onto face and tugs, try putting a couple drops into the palm, rub them together to warm it up and press onto face. 100% organic argan oil.


Nude ProGenius: The consistency is as thick as Argan oil, but once you rub it in the skin, it feels thicker like cream where it feels like it left a velvety protective layer on the skin. It doesn't feel as hydrating/penetrating as other oils, but if you have problem with oils disappearing after a couple hours, this will stay and work well as a top/final layer to seal the serum/hydration stuff underneath. While this feel quite luxe, it does have that no.2 pencil (lead) smell. It's quite a blend with some common cheap oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil) but mostly a lot of exotic(ish) oils and trace amount of alcohol (since it's one of the last ingredients).


You can definitely use oil regardless of if you have oily/normal dehydrated skin or dry skin, and they do not cause/worsen/irritate my acne. They hydrate well and sink in well as long as you apply sparingly. They are good for preventive/first sign anti-aging or de-hydration wrinkles. For anything more, an actual anti-aging serum will provide more benefit (Murad, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Dior One Essential).


If you have any question about oils listed above, let me know (through PM) and I will check. 

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Great post

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Thanks for this post! I use argan oil all over my face and under my eyes every night even though I have oily skin because I've found it calms my acne. It sounds counterintuitive but I swear it works for me! I could never use it during the day because it's too heavy and leaves me looking like a greaseball. It also makes my skin brighter which is why I use it under my eyes because I have awful dark circles.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

You are welcome! If you'd like to stick with an oil during the day try a sample of Fresh Seaberry. It's very light and almost leaves nothing on the skin (if you apply sparingly). =)

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Thanks for sharing the consistency and dry down time for these oils, Beautytester! I'm sure tons of people are wondering about those factors and you just help folks maked better decisions in which route to go!

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Great post! I'm relatively new to facial oils as moisturizers and this is useful info.  The Fresh, Josie and Tarte oils are already in my rotation and I was curious about the others. Thanks!

Which dropper do you find most effective?

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Honestly I hate the button droppers. As you can see I have the miniture/half-size of those oils. The buttons are not click buttons and you can only do 1-2 drops at a time. In short, I find the rubber squeeze dropper much better since you can do as little or many drops as you want, and it's easier to get it out of the dropper.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Anyone know about the new boscia beauty oil? I cannot find one that doesn't make my oily skIn oilier. Thanks....

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

To help "break down" oils better for oily or combination skin, apply 2-3 drops on your finger tips or in your hands, rub together to work product and then pat or press into your face rather than rub directly like a lotion.


The warmth of your hands will break down the oil a bit better and help it absorb quicker than applying it directly.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Just saw this, I have to admit to some curiosity as well!

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Gave into my curiosity and ordered, should see it either Monday or Tuesday, What I'd really like to do with it first is add it to my conditioner on the days that I'm not using bay leaf oil (I'm oily, and it's  potent stuff!) and maybe try some neck usage while I'm using up my other stuff!  I'll let you know what I think when I see what it does! 


And as a bonus Sephora had a deal on men's face moisturizer, my guy's been looking a little dry lately, maybe it'll help convince him to take care of himself in that regard. Smiley Tongue

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

I love turning guys into skin care junkies!

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Haha, I just ordered it, too, although I will just be using it for face. Alterna Kendi oil turned me to using oil on hair, but I'm skeptical about spending so much so I just made my own concoction from...basically all the oil I own that seems skin friendly: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sesame seed oil (yeah asian pantry!), olive oil, and argan oil.


No need to convince, just buy it and he'll use it. That's what the wifes I know do. =P. The husbands just use whatever their wife doesn't use or give them. lol.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

It's true, I'm concerned he's nearly out of my old drugstore face cleanser as well, I'm not letting him into my good stuff!  Hoping that the stuff arrives on Monday though, just found out that there's a meet and greet for recruiting in a particular department in the company I've been trying to work (and now have several good recommendations for my employment, cross your fingers ladies!) for so I'll be out of town networking it up Smiley Tongue  maybe I can stop by the Sephora there and give it my first go XD



Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Oooo best of luck! Smiley Very Happy Wishing you all the best!

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Ohh, go go go, and good luck! I just finished a 2-day conference, need to send some emails and  get my resume out (hate fiddling with resume/CVs).


Hahaha, you are like me, checking out local Sephoras. I recently went to visit a friend near where I went to college, so I decided to drop by my "old friend" Sephora, the store that started it all for me, and it's gotten so big and pretty and much friendlier. =). I want to check out the NYC stores at some point, but maybe next year when I've used up some of my giant skincare stash, or else I won't be able to control myself.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Haha funny you say that I just got my bf the Jack Black double duty moisturizer with SPF 20. He really likes it. He is really particular about what goes on his face. I don't think feminine packaging bothers him... just the "greasy" or "oily" feeling some heavy moisturizers can leave behind. 

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Fresh and Tarte absorbs pretty fast, have you tried either of them?


When you said Boscia oil do you mean this one?

Boscia - Tsubaki Beauty Oil

Hmm, tsubaki is a star ingredient in a lot of Japanese hair/body/skincare. Sounds like a good one, will get samples and report back. =)

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Are there samples available? As far as I've seen this is only available online... has that changed bc I want to try this.

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

Great post!  Gotta love oils, and this was a fantastic breakdown. Smiley Happy  Seems like they've been a rather large, but good trend lately!

Re: Facial oil comparison/break down (moisturizer kind)

does anyone know which oil is good for acne-prone skin?

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