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Facial hair !!!!

Hi my beauty's!!!

i have Abigail question for you all, so I was put on retinol, differin. I can't wax anymore and I am tweeting hair by hair it's painful and time consuming , I was wondering if anyone of you used or is using Vaniqa it's a cream to make hair grow slower over time.

my Dr. Said we can talk about it on my next visit, I want to know if any of you use it how long did it take for it to start working for you? Did it cause you any side effects? And is it worth the money?

insurance won't cover it's cost !

also let me know if you use a hair removal method that is safe for skin on retinol,and differin.

cant wait to hear your opinions/advise, you all do such a great job!!!


Re: Facial hair !!!!

Look into threading (like what Suggrr mentioned) or using an epilator.


With threading, be sure to find a viable and licensed professional to perform the service, the sensation is like having some tweezing multiple hairs as once as thread is twisted and wound and moved along skin, grabbing hairs and pulling them out. The only downside of this is a small chance that not all the hairs will be grasped, so some may just be broken off at the surface, but this worry is something can occur from other hair removal processes as well, which is why it's always important to do research and inquire with the establishment in regards to experience.


Another option is the epilator, an electronic device that pulls multiple hairs out at once but unlike waxing, won't remove any skin cells. An epliator is normally best used for larger or wider areas (legs, arms, chin, upper lip) although smaller, pen-like designs are made for areas like ears, brows, or also for the upper lip. Epliators do feel similar to waxing as you're removing hair from the root; however, over time you can become use to the sensation and not have it affect you so much.



Re: Facial hair !!!!

I have used retin-A for the past 14 years. Threading is the only hair removal that I can tolerate. Waxing rips my skin, chemicals burn. Laser isn't an option (I am too fair). I have never tried Vaniqa - but my understanding is that it stops/slows hair growth - so you still have to remove the hair. Shaving would be another option too - seems to work pretty well for the guys. 

Re: Facial hair !!!!

Here's some info over shaving that one of the other forum users asked not long ago!

Re: Facial hair !!!!

Have you looked into threading? It's incredibly cheap in my area (certainly cheaper than an rx) and they can do the entire face and neck. If you opt to try it, I would definitely tell the person doing the threading that your face is very sensitive and tell them the medications you're using. I did end up with a scar (from one of the four booboos she gave me) under one of my eyebrows because my skin is very thin, but a majority of people who get threaded don't seem to have problems with it. I'm thinking about having it done again, even despite that faint scar. Smiley Tongue

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