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Facial Hair Removal

I am a male with extremely tough hair, what is the best (and easiest) way to remove it without stubble or excessive shadow? I used to use Edge Gel for tough beards, and would let it set for 10 minutes before shaving, but they don't make it any more. I would like a nice clean hairless face.

Re: Facial Hair Removal

My boyfriend uses the Anthony Logistics products, he bought them in the Perfect Shave Kit and it was cheaper doing it that way. It has full sizes of everything. They have a little try it kit for $12. I'll list all the value kits.



Re: Facial Hair Removal

There is also this product: The Art of Shaving Cream Lavender it also softens and lifts and comes in a 5 oz for 25.00 or a 1.7 for 17.00 which isn't the best price for the small but still an option. Hope this helps!




Re: Facial Hair Removal

Oh yeah, good call! I got my husband the unscented version as a 100 point perk and he hated the smell, but he tried the Sandalwood one and liked it quite a bit. 

Re: Facial Hair Removal

I would suggest this product:




From the description:


The triply essential formula thoroughly cleanses the face and neck, gently removes dead skin cells, and helps to soften and lift beard hairs. Glycolic acid works to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps, and allows more minute hairs to be cut.

Re: Facial Hair Removal

Hmmm, a bit pricy, but I may give it a try. I just wish Edge still made the tough beards formula, it worked SOOOO well, but if I gotta change product, I may as well go for whatever works best. Thank you for the tip.

Re: Facial Hair Removal

You could always go to a Sephora location and ask them for a sample of it if you are really on the fence. If you end up buying it and it turns out after a few tries it really doesn't work for you, Sephora has an awesome return policy and you can bring it back. I have tried a few products from this line (none of the shaving related ones though) and thank they all do just what they say they will, I don't care if it says "for men" on it, a great product is a great product!

Re: Facial Hair Removal

You're welcome! I can sympathize. It irks me when something that works for me is discontinued.


Really, that 8 oz. bottle might last a very long time, making it more cost effective. Also, it doubles as a facial cleanser! Start by using a small amount then use more as/if needed.

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