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Post in Skincare Aware

Face shaving for women?

I've recently seen a few articles about shaving the peach fuzz off of your cheeks and upper lip and so on, to help you have a more even complexion and to allow your makeup to apply better. 

I don't believe in the whole "it'll grow back darker and thicker" thing, and I know that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did the shaving thing, and that dermaplaning has become popular.


Has anyone tried this or know anyone that has? I have fine peach fuzz over my cheeks, and sometimes it's annoying when I'm trying to go for the flawless makeup look, and I don't think I could handle waxing or threading my cheeks, but if razoring works, then I'm willing to give it a shot. 


I also read online that it helps to remove a layer of dead skin, like exfoliating, and can give you a more even complexion. 


Re: Face shaving for women?

I know that the NO-NO is not a cheap product, but I bought one and it is worth it !! ( However, you have to remember that it will not get the teeny=tiny hair stubbles that appear after shaving, you have to let it grow to be a bit more than a stubble or there wont be enough contact for the NO-NO to work properly, thats many peoples mistakes and why so many complain it doesnt work )


I used to have a soft , fine layer of hair....It bothered me even though NOBODY could see it or even knew it was there unless they rubbed my face...


I love my NO-NO Smiley Happy

Re: Face shaving for women?

thanks for the information! Does it prevent hair regrowth over time, like it says on the commercials? i plan to get one eventually...can't wait to try it!

Re: Face shaving for women?

again, I forgot....with my NO-NO the first time I tried it, I FREAKED OUT do to the smell of burnt hair, but that is natural and I learned about the stubble the hard way, i went over the SAME AREA on my shins and knees way too many times and was pressing way too hard and I ended up burning my skin. If it doesnt remove in 2 passes at an angle, it is too short of a stubble and you will need to give it a few days, depending on how fast your hair grows. ( Oh, and they advertise that now they have a NO-NO for men, lol, the ONLY difference is a new color of NO-NO, a SHINY BROWN colored NO-NO , instead of PINK, BLUE or the color makes it sooooo different for men, NOT ! hahaha

Re: Face shaving for women?

Not to **bleep** anyone's bubble, but Consumer Reports hated No No. (CR usually is dead on with its reviews.)


Part of their findings: Panelists used words such as “prickly” and  “hairy” to describe how their legs felt after No No. All six said the treated leg was never hair- or stubble-free during the six weeks of testing. Something else that panelists noticed: the smell of burned hair. The final straw? Using No No took far longer than shaving—up to 25 minutes per leg. None of the panelists said they’d want to buy the device, though some described it as “cute.”


Re: Face shaving for women?

I'm curious what word was bleeped... What exactly were you doing to our bubbles?

Re: Face shaving for women?

I had no idea there was a Bleep function. I had written another word for POP that you can do to a balloon with a pin. It rhymes with the casual first name of President Nixon. Smiley Happy

Re: Face shaving for women?

At first I was thinking, "Richard" nothing rhymes with Rich or Ricky or... Oh, right Tricky _ _ _ _ " 

Re: Face shaving for women?

Yep! Smiley Wink

Re: Face shaving for women?

I know this is almost a year old, but it just popped into the feed again.  I am laughing at your description of the word you used.  When I first read it, I was thinking why would the system bleep out bust?  Then, I realized you wrote prick.  Haha.

Re: Face shaving for women?

My esthetician recommends that I shave my entire face because it is exfoliating. I don't have hair on my face, but she recommends it as a way to exfoliate without chemicals. I have never been able to bring myself to do it though!

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