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Post in Skincare Aware

Face cleanser weirdness......

 I was using Origins Checks and Balance frothy wash and loved it. I ran out and started using Kate Somerville daily wash because it came with my Clarisonic. 


Its probably me, but I feel if my cleanser isn't foaming and I can't see it all over my face then my face really isn't getting washed. The Kate Somerville is more like a clear gel and looks like nothing is on my face.


I'm sure it sounds weird but I had to order a full size bottle of the Origins pronto. It came today and I couldn't wait to get home and wash my face!!!

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

I try to find cleansers that don't foam. Just like for hair, foam = sulfates, which aren't always a good thing. Smiley Sad

I find foaming cleansers to leave that "tight" dry feeling after I rinse off. 

I've used my clarisonic with clays, milks, creams, gels... they all work the same. My favorite way to use it though is after I wash my face, with just water. Someone a while ago posted on BT (can't remember who it was) that you should use the clarisonic on your second wash (if you double cleanse) or with just water. They were concerned with the clarisonic pushing oils, germs & dirt deeper into the pores if used on dirty skin. It made sense to me, and I haven't had any issues since. 

The only thing I won't use with a clarisonic is something with beads or grit. Those can get stuck in the brush and cause it to break down. 

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

Not all foaming cleansers/shampoos contain sulfates! Smiley Happy  For example, Shiseido's IBUKI Gentle Cleanser (which I've been loving lately) doesn't contain sulfates.  Also, the Alterna shampoo I've been using recently foams, but doesn't have sulfates either! Smiley Happy


The tip on using the Clarisonic on the second wash is a good one though, thanks!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

When I think of it I kind of use it like a second cleanse. I do remove all of my makeup prior to using the Clarisonic  so im technically cleaning a clean face if that makes sense.

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

I never heard that either- thanks for (re)sharing! I will try that next time I use my clarisonic 

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

Ohh no I never heard that about using the Clarisonic Smiley Sad

I have only been using it a short time but so far so good.

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

I'm glad I'm not on this boat alone!!!

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

I think I'm on the same boat with you... I tried the Simple Facial Wash Gel and I felt like it was not cleaning my face at all. I felt like I still had dirt, oil, and makeup left over. I'm not a fan of gel cleansers. I've been using the Clean & Clear daily pore cleanser because it's a gentle cleanser with tiny scrubbing particles that gently exfoliate my skin. It's not harsh or rough on the skin. 

Re: Face cleanser weirdness......

I like foaming face cleansers too, especially to use with my Clarisonic.  I am a huge fan of Kate Somerville products, but some of her cleansers are not really the foaming type. When I use her cleansers, I usually use a Natura Bisse sponge (love these sponges!) instead of my Clarisonic or Foreo Luna.  

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