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Eyelash enhancing serums

Can anyone recommend great eyelash serums? I tried GrandeLash-MD, but didn't see good results with it. Bought it because of all great reviews. Unfortunately it did not work for me.

Latisse is about $100 and you have to ask your eye doctor...

Latisse is about $100 and you have to ask your eye doctor for a prescription. it works great and any other product you buy is going to close to that price. Latisse did darken my top eyelids but primer and eyeliner covers it.

I have been using Eyenvy which is an amazing product. you...

I have been using Eyenvy which is an amazing product. you used to be able to just get it at salons ($100-120) but chatters is now carrying it for $64.99. You'll start seeing a difference after 4 weeks and a major difference in 12 weeks. You use it once a day on the morning and then when you reach your desired results then you use it ever other day.

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Rapidlash is not available at Sephora as previously mentioned but it’s fantastic. It helped my friends grandmother grow back her eyebrows and eyelashes back (she’s in her late 70’s). She won’t stop raving about it, which made me curious so I went out to purchase it and now, I always get asked when I wear mascara if it’s my natural lashes or if I’m wearing false lashes.

I've used both RevitaLash and RevitaBrow. I found that Re...

I've used both RevitaLash and RevitaBrow. I found that RevitaLash actually made my eyelashes annoyingly long. Now I simply use the RevitaBrow.

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Latisse really works for me.

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Castor oil is great. It has been a traditional method of my grandmothers to grow eyelashes and brows. As for the Grande MD lash serum, It states that with daily application you would achieve your full potential in three months. For me it was exactly like that. I still on my first tube that I started at the end of July. I apply it meticulously and i have never seen my lashes so long and strong. I noticed the results in about two-three weeks but it was subtle. I was fine with that since anything natural (including castor oil) will take time but bring lasting results. Maybe you could give it another try... or not. Hope you find what you are looking for

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Thank you! I am still using Grande Lash, it's been about 3 months since I started. I will be using till the product runs out, but I didn't see any big changes in my lashes so far, maybe very slight growth or maybe it's just my wishful thinking lol. But judging by reviews looks like this product does work for majority of people.

Re: RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

I too purchased Grandelash and was so disappointed. I have been in it for 5 months and there is so minimal  change. I use to use revitalash and is use to work great. I am actually going to buy this again. It is showing that Sephora carries it but they do not just like another person said very strange that they would do that. So just wanted to let you know grandlash did not work at all for me your not alone. 

Re: Eyelash enhancing serums

Rapid Lash works great with no irritation. 

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

I just started using Fanomenal Lash Serum by No.7 (not sold at Sephora but you can pick it up at Target and Walgreens). I got mine last month when it was on sale but I think the regular price is ~$15. So far, it’s worked out nicely for me. Also, I haven’t had any irritation and I have really sensitive eyes 🙂

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Thank you! I have to check it out. No7 does have great products with affordable prices.

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

not available on Sephora but I saw decent results with rapidlash and neulash.

RE: Eyelash enhancing serums

Thank you!

Re: Eyelash enhancing serums

Castor oil does wonders !! My eyelashes was thinning due to excessive eyelash curling and I would sometimes sleep with my mascara on. So it will thin out my lashes. I did my research and castor oil saved my life. I notice a huge change in two weeks, it was more full, thick and long ! My cousins also used it and notice a huge significant change in her hair cause castor oil is used for many purposes she's used for her hair !It also, is very gentle and natural !!



RE: Re: Eyelash enhancing serums

Thank you! I heard that castor oil is good. How do you use it? Just apply everyday with a brush? I need to try it.
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