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Eye wrinkle cream problems??! HELP

So i just started using the bare minerals eye wrinkle repair cream and I noticed this morning when I woke up i have 3 red small circle like marks under my left eye where i applied the cream last night. It's doesnt feel like pimple just red circles in a even row... is this an allergic reaction? Should I stop using it? Also on my right eye i notice a small white dot. REALLY SMALL. Is this milia?

Re: Eye wrinkle cream problems??! HELP

I would def stop use immediately. .This happnd to me before and Im now using mederma to help the scars go away :/

Re: Eye wrinkle cream problems??! HELP

Thanks. I was so scared when I saw it this morning! Went back to my old eye cream right away

Re: Eye wrinkle cream problems??! HELP

potentially an allergic reaction.  I usually get small red bumps when I try a product that my skin doesn't like.

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