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Eye serum vs. eye cream

What’s the difference between an eye serum and an eye cream? Can eye serums be used before an eye cream? Or is that counter productive?

Re: Eye serum vs. eye cream


Eye Serums are used before eye creams. 

The two products have totally different modes of actions. Eye creams offer skin surface level treatment and are generally are used for moisturization to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and looking airbrushed. Very rarely, they might have active ingredients for specific benefits but their absorption into the skin is limited due to the larger molecule size of ingredients. The thicker ingredients are used to create a barrier on your skin for retaining the moisture. This is great for locking the moisture but on the downward side, it can also lock active ingredients out.

Eye serums act in a totally different manner. They are highly concentrated in active agents (or the better substitutes – bioactives) that are meant to be fully absorbed into your skin. The molecular size of these active agents is very small that assists in quicker absorption. Their treatment starts below your epidermis and their application do not leave any residue on the skin surface.

Re: Eye serum vs. eye cream

Wow thank you so much!! I appreciate your explanation and it makes so much sense after reading!! Thank you!!!

Re: Eye serum vs. eye cream

@SportyGirly125 Thank you for such an informative post!   This is a very valuable and helpful explanation of the role of both eye creams and serums in the skin care regime.  Once again, you've shared a great tip and I must show my appreciation. ❤️

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