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Eczema and hyperpigmentation

Hi everyone. Maybe some of you might have some good tips for me. I am slowly recovering from weeping eczema on my arms and both legs. Although I'm glad it is starting to heal, it is leaving my skin very pigmented where it is healing. I am getting married in july and I really want to have the marks faded by then. everyone is suggesting gloves but its a summer wedding. Im very self conscious of my skins condition. It used to look like I had a flesh eating disease! Now they look like burn marks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All natural the better. <3

Re: Eczema and hyperpigmentation

You might look into something like a tattoo concealer as the time gets closer. Others will have to tell you whether that would agrivate the excema. I would veto the gloves. They would look out of place in almost any wedding and definitely a summer one, and would draw more attention than the hyperpigmention. Being naturally who you are will work better, and take photos that draw away from your arms. 


I do agree it's going to be more noticeable to you than anyone else. Good luck with it (and thank goodness it is no longer weeping. That sounds exceedingly painful.)

Re: Eczema and hyperpigmentation

Thanks mafan. I did see a tattoo cover up kit at the bridal shop. I will talk with my make-up artist.

Re: Eczema and hyperpigmentation

Honestly, there's nothing that will make these lighter but time. I'm sorry to say that mine and my spouse's both take about a year to recover from the hyperpigmentation of healed eczema. Sunscreen, gentle exfoliation, and keeping moisturized is kind of all you can do. I wear a lot of lightweight long sleeves, I've worn gloves - but honestly, other people don't notice it as much as you do. 

Re: Eczema and hyperpigmentation

thanks ladymeag. the patches are so big and itch and still bumpy. drives me bananas!

Re: Eczema and hyperpigmentation

I know that (itchy) feeling! Hang in there and don't scratch them too much! Smiley Happy 

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