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Dry brushing 101

I've heard so many good things, but I have NO idea what it is, besides that you probably brush your skin... while it's dry... Smiley Tongue  But really, any tips and tricks to getting started would be appreciated, because I have tons of questions:


1) What kind of brush do I use?

2) Is llama hair okay?

3) Brush recommendations?

4) Does this mean I finally have to get a Clarisonic?

5) How often do I need to clean the brush?

6) Do I brush before or after showering?

7) Do I brush before or after moisturizing?

8) Is face dry-brushing a thing?

9) What if my face has a mustache?

10) How do I brush sensitive skin?

11) What are the benefits of dry brushing besides getting rid of skin flakes?

12) Any horror stories (bad experiences)?


Edit: Added numbers to the questions!

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have a friend that has Raynaud's and she calls it RayNARDS and it cracks me up every time! 

Re: Dry brushing 101

That's what my niece calls it!!! She also calls Netflix "necklace" and strokes her neck when she wants Netflix on. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dry brushing 101

Well, I don't really know my purpose yet! Smiley Happy  I've had pretty dry, dull legs lately, so I thought I would try dry brushing. 

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have (some) answers to this!

it felt good afterwards! especially after shaved legs and under your sheets in bed Smiley Happy but i wasn't very committed to it and now it's my puppy's brush (if she would stop wriggling so much!) I bought a bristle brush from amazon specifically for dry brushing that was a little over five bucks and brushed before bed when i remembered.  The method i read about is to brush in the direction towards your heart because it enhances circulation? overall, though, it was a hassle and I didn't really see much results Smiley Tongue

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