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Dry brushing 101

I've heard so many good things, but I have NO idea what it is, besides that you probably brush your skin... while it's dry... Smiley Tongue  But really, any tips and tricks to getting started would be appreciated, because I have tons of questions:


1) What kind of brush do I use?

2) Is llama hair okay?

3) Brush recommendations?

4) Does this mean I finally have to get a Clarisonic?

5) How often do I need to clean the brush?

6) Do I brush before or after showering?

7) Do I brush before or after moisturizing?

8) Is face dry-brushing a thing?

9) What if my face has a mustache?

10) How do I brush sensitive skin?

11) What are the benefits of dry brushing besides getting rid of skin flakes?

12) Any horror stories (bad experiences)?


Edit: Added numbers to the questions!

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have (some) answers to this!

it felt good afterwards! especially after shaved legs and under your sheets in bed Smiley Happy but i wasn't very committed to it and now it's my puppy's brush (if she would stop wriggling so much!) I bought a bristle brush from amazon specifically for dry brushing that was a little over five bucks and brushed before bed when i remembered.  The method i read about is to brush in the direction towards your heart because it enhances circulation? overall, though, it was a hassle and I didn't really see much results Smiley Tongue

Re: Dry brushing 101

What purpose are you wanting to use this for: improving circulation, exfoliation, etc...? I don't use a dry brush (too harsh on my skin), but I do use a wooden massager that has little wooden nubbies. I'll attach a picture. I use it for increasing circulation and it really helps. I have Raynaud's which is a huge problem for me here in PA during winter, but I also have circulation problems in general.


But if you want to use a dry brush, do it BEFORE you shower and BEFORE you moisturize. I've seen face brushes for dry brushing, but I could never use it on my skin.



(Mine is ONLY the right side... no brush)

Re: Dry brushing 101

Well, I don't really know my purpose yet! Smiley Happy  I've had pretty dry, dull legs lately, so I thought I would try dry brushing. 

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have a friend that has Raynaud's and she calls it RayNARDS and it cracks me up every time! 

Re: Dry brushing 101

That's what my niece calls it!!! She also calls Netflix "necklace" and strokes her neck when she wants Netflix on. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dry brushing 101

My sister has Raynaud's.  I'll have to recommend dry brushing to her.  I've just started it myself, and it really does help with exfoliation.  This sounds really strange, but have you looked into brushes for horses? I'm a rider, and when I looked for a brush for me, I was struck by how similar they are to horse brushes.  Some of them are made with natural fibers and are just for the horse's face, so they're really soft.  If your Clarisonic cashmere brush was too harsh, this still might not help you, but maybe worth checking out.  They're available on Amazon, and Dover Saddlery also sells a face brush made of goat hair that might work.

Re: Dry brushing 101

I definitely recommend the llama brush Smiley Wink


My husband actually dry brushes the skin on his body to help his lymphatic system.  He usually does it before showering.  He uses a wooden brush with fairly soft bristles in a direction towards his heart.  I really should try this sometime.

Re: Dry brushing 101

I dry brush daily, and I really feel I do get a benefit from it.


1-4: You can order one from Amazon, as they have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and natural bristles (coconut, palm, cactus).  You'll want to find one that will work well for you.  I have two really nice ones at home with wood bases and removable handles, and I keep a smaller palm one in my kit locker at the gym.  I would recommend natural plant fibers. I wouldn't recommend a Clarisonic for dry brushing. 


5: Although many natural fibers have anti-microbial properties, I do clean my brushes ever couple of days by spraying 99% isopropyl alcohol on them and letting them air dry.


6-7, 10, 12: You'll want to brush before you shower and moisturize.  Brush in short, quick strokes always toward your heart.  You don't have to be heavy-handed, but you'll want to brush vigorously.  I have very sensitive skin, and I have no issues with this.  The only thing I'd caution you about is if you have a cut or scrape, you'll want to skip that area.


8-9: I would not recommend dry brushing for the face.  I use the Clarisonic Aria with a luxe brush for that, and I love it.  You can also use a washcloth and move in circles over your face to help exfoliate.


11: Dry brushing exfoliates, can help to add a lovely, healthy glow to your skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system which supports overall health!



Re: Dry brushing 101



Are there softer bristles out there? I've always gotten all scratched and scraped up when I've used a brush. I apply very little pressure but nothing seems to help. For a bit of insight on my sensitive skin, I was unable to use my Clarisonic even with the cashmere and sensitive brushes because even those would cause scratches. Smiley Sad

Re: Dry brushing 101

Eesh, girl.  I though I had sensitive skin!  Maybe try a sisal or agave fiber wash cloth/mitt ... they're woven and the fibers are a little softer, so I think might be less likely to be abrasive.

Re: Dry brushing 101

It also reduces the appearance of cellulite! My thighs look so much better since I've started drybrushing.

Re: Dry brushing 101

Another 100 hearts!!  Heart

Re: Dry brushing 101

Would any of these work?

Re: Dry brushing 101

My husband uses a Shiseido brush on his face (it is an older brush and I am not even sure they make it anymore but it is very similar to the facial brushes you posted).  He alternates it with the Clarisonic.  The facial brushes are much too soft and pliable for him to use on his body though.

Re: Dry brushing 101

Sorry evno, I just have no control over this llama thing. I will try to do better tomorrow.





Re: Dry brushing 101

Poor little Llamas Smiley Sad

Re: Dry brushing 101

1-4. natural hair usually preferred. I just got mine from the natural/health section of the grocery store. You can probably use the Clarasonic body brush one if you really want.

5. I.....actually haven't cleaned mine since it's dry....I suppose you can spray alcohol on it occasionally.
6-7. Brush before showering and before moisturizing.
8. No face dry brushing
9. Good luck.
10. Sensitive skin for body? tread lightly, use a softer brush?
11. Increase circulation/detox.
12. no

Re: Dry brushing 101

I just love your answer to #9. Good luck. LOL!

Re: Dry brushing 101

I've actually only ever done dry brushing as part of a detox diet- as quoti mentioned, it stimulates the lymphatic system, so it is really great for that.  The only thing I have to add to this is :the reason to brush towards your midsection, as that is where the major lymphatic drains are.  Use should use a fairly light hand when dry brushing, especially if doing it for detox or immune system stimulation- your lymphatics respond best to a feather light touch. 

Re: Dry brushing 101

Ok, so based on everyone's responses (thank you!), I guess dry brushing is more for circulatory and lymphatic benefits, rather than an aesthetic benefit? Also, should I not dry brush if I have flaky skin on my legs?

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