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Drunk elephant thread

Ladies I think we should create threads for skin line products to answer questions and talk about new products. Since drunk elephant is one of my favorite skincare lines, I wanted to start a thread

RE: Drunk elephant thread

I think this will be one of the 2 masks they will release! Next will most likely be a brightening mask


Upcoming possible products based on trademarks:

1. Brightening mask

2. E-rase - makeup remover wipes

3. Cocomino - Hair conditioner, shampoo

4. Wild Marula - for hair detangling

5. TLC Healthy Scalp scrub

6. Sweet Pitti - deodorant

7. Kamili - body cream soap

8. D-Bloos - blush serum


RE: Drunk elephant thread

Baby facial mini Is back

Re: RE: Drunk elephant thread

The Mini Babyfacial is perfect for travel. I don't use it that often (maybe once a month), so I love that they have a mini option now. <333

RE: Drunk elephant thread

Drunk elephant is getting a skincare line.

Re: Drunk elephant thread

Any tips re: The Trunk 3.0? How fast does it usually sell out? Is there a chance of getting it during the VIB sale?

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@cherrie033 I don't know about sephora (in fact I don't think they even get the trunk in stock?) but last year DE's black friday promo was 20% off the trunk on their site. 

Re: Drunk elephant thread

Another day... another brand being sold and ruined.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.59.58 PM.png

Re: Drunk elephant thread

It's Shisheido !! I don't know how I feel about that but I guess better than EL probably. I really hope the DE is able to retain the philosophy they started (avoid suspicious 6) with and also the airless pump packaging !! Their two USPs. 

Re: Drunk elephant thread

I really like DE.  Hope selling it to one of those huge beauty brands doesn't mess it up!

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@veronika23 I violently hated their customer service and stopped buying from them for that reason. I do hope it's shiseido instead of EL that's for sure.

@veronika23 @PrettyPaint 😭😣

Re: @veronika23 @PrettyPaint 😭😣

My feelings exactly @lmaster 

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@veronika23  Seriously 😒 ? I hadn’t heard this...

Re: Drunk elephant thread

Sure looks like it @PrettyPaint 

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@veronika23  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I didn’t realize there was talk of a parent company, but I guess it looks like it’s been in the works for a while. I wonder if they will remain cruelty free, change formulations, change pricing, etc. 

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@PrettyPaint  I feel as though every time a company is bought it changes for the worst sadly. EL ruins everything...  And just look at what's going on with ABH now. 4 palettes releasing back to back in the span of a few weeks. Ugh. The monopoly kills the industry...

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@veronika23 I sadly agree. I also am completely confused by the "vision" behind those abh palettes. At least it's curbing my palette spending I suppose! Smiley Happy By the way, I just ordered from what I think is one of your favorite companies (barefoot venus??).

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@PrettyPaint  I think the vision behind the palette was greed. Push more stuff out hoping for more sales/profit. I think they'll end up in the sale section. I like both 2 and 3 but not buying... maybe when it's on sale lol. Oh yes!!! I love Barefoot Venus. What did you get??? I love their maple blondie lip balm, instant hand repair, body cream and the scrub. But mainly can't live without the hand repair. I use it pretty much every night... and now I've gotten some cuticle products from different makers in polish pickup and love using it together.

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@veronika23  Oh you do polish pickup too? I just recently heard about them and have treated myself to a small order each month...haha. I have some anchor and heart cuticle oil from there that's really nice. From barefoot venus I got a discovery kit and a hand repair mini bundle (with black coconut, lavender smoke, lemon freckle, and pink pepper). Can't wait to try! Smiley Happy

Re: Drunk elephant thread

@PrettyPaint  I sure do!!! I usually do a small-ish order every month too but this month was out of control! Too many pretties!!! Smiley Very Happy Oh good to know you like the anchor oil. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks! I got their strengthening base this month. Hope it's a good one. Ohh nice! Sounds like you'll have some great things to try. Hope you like them! Let me know your thoughts on it. Smiley Happy

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